Poured in PA The Series AND After Poured: Episode 1 – Fresh Fest

The Launch of Poured in PA: The Series and After Poured

The crew at GK Visual in Harrisburg, PA have released an extension of their full-length documentary, Poured in Pennsylvania, called Poured in PA: The Series. The award-winning documentary debuted in 2018 and covers the scope of Pennsylvania’s vibrant, diverse, and thriving craft beer industry and culture. From the breweries to the events to the movements to the individuals comprising the rich tapestry of the Commonwealth’s beer landscape, Poured in Pennsylvania tells a tremendous story and captures the true essence of the camaraderie the beer industry exudes.

According to Poured in PA Executive Producer Nate Kresge, the documentary accomplished its mission of encompassing what’s happening in Pennsylvania when it comes to beer, but the content was time-stamped. By time the film was released, a lot had changed – brewers moved on to new companies, new breweries opened, and, unfortunately, some breweries closed or financially restructured.

To keep pace with the constant evolution, a series highlighting various aspects of the PA beer industry made perfect sense.

The first five episodes of Poured in PA: The Series were set to debut on Amazon Prime alongside the full-length documentary on Monday, June 1st. However, due to unforeseen circumstances from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Prime release has been delayed. To avoid a complete delay in the series release, Nate and his team pivoted and have released episodes 1-5 on their YouTube channel.

The documentary can still be viewed on Amazon Prime.

In partnership with GK Visual and Poured in PA, I am happy to bring you a wrap-up series known as After Poured. Each episode will feature myself, Nate, and other personalities from the series going behind the scenes to provide a look inside the production of the series, as well as updates on what everyone’s been up to since their segment for the series was filmed. New episodes will drop on my YouTube channel on Monday for the first five episodes, followed by subsequent episodes each time a new installment of the Poured in PA series drops on YouTube and/or Amazon Prime.

Here on jasoncercone.com, I will post the episode of Poured in PA: The Series that accompanies the After Poured session side by side for your viewing pleasure and convenience.

Below you’ll find Episode 1 of Poured in PA: The Series covering Fresh Fest, as well as the opening installment of After Poured featuring myself, Nate Kresge, and Fresh Fest Co-Founder and Drinking Partners Podcast Co-Host Day Bracey. Enjoy!


Poured in PA The Series: Episode 1 – Fresh Fest


After Poured: Episode 1 – Fresh Fest


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