Poured In PA The Series AND After Poured: Episode 5 – Podcasters, Bloggers, & Influencers

Episode 5: Podcasters, Bloggers, & Influencers

Episode 5 of Poured in PA: The Series takes you up close and personal with several of the podcasters, bloggers, influencers, video creators, and other personalities who are adding a fun and exciting layer to Pennsylvania’s craft beer culture. As you’ll learn, it’s not just breweries doing the promotion and marketing these days – there are many people doing their part to spread the word of beer throughout the Commonwealth and beyond!

In the fifth installment of After Poured, Jason Cercone is once again joined by Poured in PA: Executive Director Nate Kresge to talk about how the narrative of Episode 5 came together and the great job his crew did telling the story of content creators in PA. From there, Jason and Nate are joined by Dan Baker, Steph Heffner, and Wayne Baker of the Beer Busters Podcast to discuss their show, how they’ve pivoted their recordings through the pandemic, what they love most about podcasting, and much more.


Poured In PA The Series: Episode 5 – Podcasters, Bloggers, & Influencers


After Poured: Episode 5 – Podcasters, Bloggers, & Influencers





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