Poured In PA The Series AND After Poured: Episode 6 – Adapting

Episode 6: Adapting

Episode 6 of Poured In PA: The Series is about adaptation. With the unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic and new guidelines coming to the forefront seemingly every day, businesses have been forced to pivot their operations and do whatever is necessary to function. The beer industry is no different. This episode takes you up close with a two breweries who have made the necessary adjustments to their business model in order to navigate their way through the pandemic. Additionally, Episode 6 features footage recorded prior to the pandemic with Dr. Alison Feeney at Shippensburg University, focusing on their Beer Science program and Dr. Feeney’s book, For The Love of Beer: Pennsylvania Breweries.

On Episode 6 of After Poured, Jason Cercone discusses the show with Poured in PA Producers Nate Kresge and Sara Bozich. The trio spend the first segment talking about how the production of this episode came together, the progress of Poured in PA: The Series debuting on Amazon Prime as originally intended, and how the businesses have been functioning since Pennsylvania went green at the beginning of June. They are also joined by Dr. Feeney to talk about her travels since the pandemic broke out and how courses have shifted at Shippensburg University in the face of current events.

To learn more about Shippensburg University’s Beer Science Program, visit https://www.ship.edu/pcde/brewing/

To pick up a copy of Dr. Alison Feeney’s book “For The Love of Beer: Pennsylvania Breweries,” search the title on Amazon.

Poured in PA The Series: Episode 6 – Adapting

After Poured: Episode 6 – Adapting


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