Poured In PA The Series AND After Poured: Episode 7 – Special Delivery

Episode 7: Special Delivery

As we continue to navigate through uncertain times thrust upon us by COVID-19, businesses have stepped up their game to find new ways to pivot, adapt, and operate by any means necessary. In Episode 7 of Poured in PA: The Series, the crew takes a look at what different breweries across Pennsylvania have been doing to stay ahead of the curve.

One of the big initiatives adopted by several breweries has been home beer delivery, with some sending beer through the mail and others literally loading up a van and driving it right to your doorstep. As businesses have been allowed to open their doors to limited capacity, we’ve seen a slight slow down in the latter option, although some are still making it happen as much as possible. But the former is still going strong, giving you more opportunities to experience beer from breweries you may never get to visit in person.

On Episode 7 of After Poured, Jason Cercone is joined by Poured in PA Executive Producer Nate Kresge to talk about his crew’s recent travels, the production of Episode 7, how these businesses have continued their pivots since filming the episode, and more. Jason and Nate are also joined by Mark Brault, Founder of Deer Creek Malthouse in Philadelphia, whose business initiatives also underwent a major overhaul due to so many of their existing customers being forced to adapt to new business landscapes.

You can check out Episode 7 of Poured in PA: The Series and After Poured below!


Poured In PA The Series: Episode 7 – Special Delivery


After Poured: Episode 7 – Special Delivery






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