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Breaking Brews started as a craft beer blog and has grown into a full-service libations media organization specializing in promotions, marketing, sales, consulting, branding, content creation, and social media management. My mission is to push Pittsburgh’s craft beer and libations scene forward by building and sustaining initiatives that connect enthusiasts to bars, breweries, distilleries, and organizations through education, conversation, commentary, and entertainment. I strive to enhance all brands under the Breaking Brews umbrella through dynamic, innovative marketing strategies and incomparable work ethic. Building a unified platform will build strength in our city’s libations scene and truly cement it as a craft beer destination across the nation.

Breaking Brews Marketing Company consists of the following divisions:

  • The Breaking Brews Blog – The blog that’s currently in your eyes that’s designed to promote bars, breweries, distilleries, organizations, and causes. It features commentaries, features, breaking news, and much more. Recently, Breaking Brews was recognized as one of the Top 100 Beer Blogs on the Internet.
  • Breaking Brews Marketing – Breaking Brews serves as a unified platform designed to connect libations enthusiasts to destinations throughout our region, touting healthy, engaged social media platforms that continue to grow by the day and a free mobile app known as Drink Pittsburgh that keeps users up-to-speed on events, tap lists, education, and much more. Initiatives for this division found here. To learn more about each individual service offered through Breaking Brews Marketing, click here.
  • Breaking Brews Productions – This is the digital division of Breaking Brews that features and focuses on videos, podcasts, and digital media.

If you are a craft beer or spirits enthusiast, I look forward to delivering you the best coverage in regards to event promotion, feature stories, commentaries, entertainment, and more. I’m an enthusiast just like you, so delivering you the information you seek and deserve is very important to me.

If you are in the craft beer or spirits industry and would like to discover how the Breaking Brews Marketing platform can help your business, let’s grab a beverage and chat soon!

I am committed to driving brands forward. I offer an array of initiatives designed to boost your presence and execute said initiatives, allowing you and your business to flourish through consistent effort and constant adaptation to market demands. These initiatives are personalized to your specifications, delivering desired results based on your expectations and carried out by a true business partner dedicated to your success.

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