Pierogies and Craft Beer: What’s Not to Love?

Course 3

For as long as I can remember, pierogies have been a part of my life. When my sister and I were wee little tikes, our grandmother used to babysit us daily while Mom and Dad were off at work. We… Continue Reading

Spoonwood Brewing Hosts Their First Craft Beer & Food Pairing Dinner

Spoonwood Brewing Company

Brew. Taste. Gather. These three words represent the rallying cry that Spoonwood Brewing in Bethel Park has used to establish themselves as a major part of  Pittsburgh’s craft beer landscape. In three little words, so many stories can be found.… Continue Reading

Beer & Music: The Jams That Fuel Craft Brewing Inspiration in Pittsburgh

beer and music

If there’s one thing in life that you can always depend on, it’s this: Music makes everything better. Don’t believe me? Here’s an example. I was just recently faced with the mundane task of cleaning out and organizing my garage.… Continue Reading

Big Pour 9: My First Trip to the Festival That Helped Start Them All

steel city big pour

The conversation as of late amongst the folks in the circles I run with has been the number of big beer festivals and landmark events surrounding craft beer. Without even trying, Pittsburgh has become a city where, if you keep… Continue Reading