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In the craft beer and spirits industry, the importance of a strong voice and captivating presence is equally as important as the product you place in front of your customer. Why? Because, just like your favorite end-of-the-week cocktail, competition is stiff! You have a small window of opportunity to capture the heart, mind, and soul of your customer and, if you misfire, they’ll take their business down the street.

Let’s face facts: there’s only 24 hours in a day. And when you opened your bar, brewery, distillery, et cetera, the rigors of your daily to-accomplish list most likely didn’t include creating copy that engages customers. It more than likely didn’t include building an online army of loyal brand advocates to sing your praises from the ground up. It more than likely didn’t include developing a writing style. Or developing a consistent promotional platform. Or nurturing an audience and constantly staying tapped into their psyches to improve upon existing business practices.

That’s where I come in. I create content that entertains, informs, educates, promotes, and connects you to the masses and actively builds your brand. You, in turn, reap all the benefits. Pretty fair trade.

Competition in the bar and brewery game is unique in that there’s a ton of it, yet there’s enough for us all. IF you do it right. There are countless ways to ensure your brand gains loyalists every step of the way and just as many ways, if not more, to turn them against you if you’re not careful. If your bar doesn’t take the time to clean its tap lines, customers will receive a lower-quality beer and they’ll know it. If your brewery doesn’t focus on attention to detail and beers taste different every time, people will begin to question your processes. If you don’t actively engage with your customer base, they will gravitate to a business that does.

You have to connect with them.

And that…isn’t always easy.

Communication is key. Listening to your customer’s feedback is vital and, best of all, costs you nothing. In order to set yourself up for success in this area, creating a visible, approachable online presence is paramount to your business standing out. We live on the Internet today, and whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Untappd, blogs, or other beer-related applications, the people who can hoist your efforts to the absolute pinnacle of exposure are waiting to do just that.

You will inevitably face all these challenges and more in the business world today. But thankfully, you’ve pointed your bat-signal to the sky, I saw it, and I’m here to save the world from evil-doers…

Or just write kick ass content for you. Yeah, that’s probably safer…and more in my wheelhouse.

My mission is to partner with you, enhance your reputation, and take your business to the next level. I don’t create generic, cookie-cutter content because we don’t live in a one-size-fits-most world anymore. Instead, I get to know your business and determine the best approach to developing copy and creative initiatives that engages your followers, promotes your business, and positions you for maximum exposure and optimum results. This content can be utilized on blogs, forums, social media, directly on your website, and more!

You’ve got yourself a business where libations flow daily and, for that, I’m already your biggest fan. Let me capture that admiration in words so the rest of the world loves you, too.

Client & Copywriting Portfolio

Below are the goods: Features and content created for libations destinations, as well as education and commentary columns. Please consume responsibly.

Destination Features, Podcasts, & More

Caliente Pizza & Draft House
Bocktown Beer and Grill
Spoonwood Brewing Company
Hough’s Taproom & Brewpub
Blue Dust
The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company
Grist House Brewing
The Independent Brewing Company
Hal’s Bar and Grill & Hal’s Bottle Shop
Pink Boots Society – Western PA Chapter

Commentary, Education, and Special Features

The ‘Craft Beer Spotlight’ Series
The ’9 Extraordinary Craft Beer Destinations in Pittsburgh’ Series

‘It’s Mead Time’ Monthly Mead Series with KingView Mead
The Stylin’ & Profilin’ Libations Education Series
Short Pour News & Information Series

The Deeper Meaning Behind the Independent Craft Beer Seal
How Untappd Culture is Negatively Impacting Craft Beer
Brewtal Beer Fest: The Ultimate Cure For Festival Fatigue

Beer & Music: The Jams The Fuel Craft Brewing Inspiration in Pittsburgh
How to Create a Bad Ass Craft Beer Tap Program
Four Mile Brewing: Bringing Craft Beer Where It’s Needed
Blood, Sweat, & Beer: A True Taste of Craft Beer Struggle and Triumph
Indiana, PA: Your Newest Craft Beer Destination
Does Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue Hate Craft Beer?
Aging Beer: When Will Your Favorite Brews Get Better Over Time?
The Great Pumpkin Beer Debate: When is the Right Time For Pumpkin Brews?
Beer Laws and Craft Beer’s Struggle For Exposure



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