How do people connect and engage with your brand? How does your brand stand out in a sea of options? Do you and your team deliver the ultimate customer experience on every operational level? How do you respond when faced with the toughest scenarios in your day-to-day operations?

All of these questions must be answered if you want your brand to thrive. It once was easy to provide goods and services and simply wait for the phone to ring.

Not anymore. Today, having a great product or stellar service is merely table stakes.

People do business with brands they engage with. Brands they feel a kinship with. Brands that go above and beyond to earn their business and provide memorable interactions at every level, at every juncture, at every moment of the day.

And one of the most popular vehicles for amplifying engagement, establishing trust and loyalty, becoming an authority in your industry, and spreading your brand message far and wide is through podcasting. This medium has become one of the hottest and most popular content strategies on the planet today. FACT: Brands leveraging the power of podcasting now set themselves up for higher levels of growth and success when the medium gains full-fledged mainstream velocity.

How can a podcast elevate your brand? Let’s get to work and figure it out together!


Podcasting. Building a quality podcast for your brand creates an incredible way to communicate with your audience, establish authority in your industry, and have a blast while exposing your brand to the masses. But like any other content initiative designed to bolster your brand, podcasting is a commitment. My goal is to ensure your podcast succeeds.

Podcast Consulting.  Establishing a podcast mindset, brainstorming show name ideas, developing episode structure, making equipment recommendations, marketing initiatives, aiding you in ongoing decision-making processes as your show takes off.

Podcast Production. Recording, editing, providing voice-overs, show notes, building a quality final product set for publication.

Podcast Marketing. Developing marketing content, assisting with monetization strategies, providing marketing support as your podcast grows.

Podcast Mentoring & Support. Helping you establish your podcast voice, helping with interview delivery, assisting with any facet of your podcast you need.

Through your podcast, we will cultivate your brand story, solve problems in your industry, showcase your authority, and establish a lead-generating, trust-building content machine. This will put you in prime position to deliver the ultimate brand experience for new and longtime customers alike! Learn More.

“Jason is one of the most dedicated and hardworking business professionals I’ve met. Over the years, he has done great things promoting the Caliente brand and I really enjoy working with him. Most recently, he’s served as the Executive Producer for my podcast, The Business Equation, and has played a key role in helping me develop and bring the show to life. I highly recommend working with Jason.”Nick Bogacz – Owner of Caliente Pizza & Draft House, Host of The Business Equation Podcast

Working with Jason was AWESOME! I’ve never had the experience of working with a podcast producer who was so organized, professional and forward thinking. Making sure I was set up for success as a speaker and providing 5-star support during recording made for a great podcast interview and experience all around. Jason knows what he’s doing and it shows!” — Rachel Sheerin – Motivational Keynote Speaker, Sales Trainer

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