ATTENTION BEER BUYERS — Are you looking to put high-quality, locally-brewed artisanal beer on tap at your destination? The Source has got you covered! Check out what’s currently available for sale from Levity, Noble Stein, Reclamation, and Spoonwood Brewing Companies.

Noble Stein Brewing Availability

Jubilant Haze New England IPA – 6.1% ABVJubliant Haze pours an opaque light yellow, true to the NEIPA style. The aroma of this brew strikes the drinker from a distance, highlighted with dank tropical fruit. Just as noted in the aroma, the flavor of this beer showcases the contribution of dry hopping, presenting mango, pineapple, and citrus flavors.

Gone For The Day IPA – 6.4% ABV – Hop flavor, hop bitterness, and a strong malt backbone balance exceptionally well in this IPA, pleasing both hop heads and newcomers to this popular style. Wet or dry hopping with the players in this hop bill contributes a pleasant herbal flavor, alongside an accentuated body from hop resins.

Uncle Hefe Hefeweizen – 5.4% ABV – Staying true to the style, this hazy wheat beer has a pleasant banana nose and flavor profile driven almost exclusively by the yeast strain. At first sip, clove notes can be detected, but these fade over time.

Bridge Kolsch – 5.2% ABV – Bridge kolsch presents a stark white head atop a light yellow body. The bready and slightly sweet aroma lead into a crisp and refreshing sip. Effervescent and low in alcohol, this clean, light beer is highly sessionable.


Levity Brewing Company Availability

Tenured Double IPA – 8.7% ABV, IBU 100+ – A beer worthy of being at the head of the class, this double offers loads of hop flavors and aromas ranging from mango to bitter orange to piney grapefruit. A very approachable 100 IBU beer, but still proceed with caution!


It’s Hoplicated American IPA – 7% ABV, IBU 91 – American IPA brewed with Magnum, Columbus, and Amarillo hops.

Hoodlebug Brown American Brown Ale – 6.3% ABV, IBU 27 – A local favorite, this beer is named for the ‘rails to trails’ park that runs alongside the Levity brewery. Slightly hoppier than a European Brown Ale, the dominant flavors are still driven by caramel malts in the mash. As with most of our beers, we dry this one out so it remains quite quaffable. Let this one evolve in your glass as it warms and notice the toffee flavors that come out.

Headlamp Stout Russian Imperial Stout – 8.5% ABV, IBU 57 – Flavor treasures await any who dare mine the dark depths of this full bodied ale. Hints of chocolate and coffee are the most obvious flavors, but the riches of this beverage really begin to shine as it warms. Let this one evolve in your glass from start to finish!

Korrie and her Wheat American Wheat Beer – 5% ABV, IBU 19 – Unlike its European counterparts, Korrie and her Wheat has a very clean, slightly hoppier, white bread quality. A play on words, we spiced things up a bit with some post-fermentation additions…

Crimson Hops Session IPA – 4.9% ABV – Easy drinking, very aromatic. Brewed with Citra, Mosaic, and Cascade Hops.



Spoonwood Brewing Company Availability

Good Eye Sniper Double IPA – 8.3% ABV, IBU 50 – This balanced Double IPA is Spoonwood’s first homage to Coheed and Cambria. This batch takes on a subtle change to its flavor profile with the addition of Sorachi Ace Hops.

Blithe Belgian Strong Golden Ale – 8.8% ABV, IBU 32 – Our brewer’s favorite beer. A simple grain recipe fermented with a characterful Belgian yeast, balanced with elegant, fragrant hops. The yeast lends a ripe fruitiness with a hint of spice, and the alcohol and hops have a drying quality. Blithe is deceptively formidable, so tread lightly!

Cold Drip City Coffee Blonde Ale – 5.8% ABV, IBU 24 – Cold Drip City starts as a nondescript blonde ale with lactose (milk sugar) before we infuse it with a strong cold-brewed coffee during carbonation. The trick is that the beer picks up a distinct coffee flavor and aroma without much color. The coffee for this batch is a light roast Sulawezi bean, provided once again by our friends at Allegheny Coffee & Tea Exchange.

Killer Diller IPA – 6.7% ABV, 80 IBU – Forget about that West Coast/East Coast nonsense. This is an American IPA, period. And it’s the staple of our ever-changing draft lineup. Lightly sweet, moderately bitter, citrusy, floral, and fruity. Named after a line from a Lennon contribution to the suite on side two of Abbey Road.


Reclamation Brewing

Promised Land Imperial Cream Ale – 8.5% ABV, 22 IBU – This is not your typical cream ale! A higher ABV gives this offering some more potency and the generous amounts of orange blossom honey and lactose deliver a truly sweet flavor and aroma that make Promised Land stand out. ONLY ONE 1/2 KEG REMAINING!!!

Everyman’s Red Ale – 6% ABV, 24 IBU – This easy-drinking red ale is medium-bodied and hits the style dead on. Biscuity, hints of caramel, and very clean on your palate.




From The Source

I am the Brand Manager for Levity Brewing Company, Noble Stein Brewing Company, Reclamation Brewing Company, and Spoonwood Brewing Company. My mission is to enhance the visibility of these brands throughout the Pittsburgh region and beyond by actively increasing their distribution exposure and releasing more of their innovative beers into the wild. Each brewery has their own unique story, but all share one common thread: delivering high-quality, great-tasting liquid at each and every juncture.

I am proud to stand with each of these businesses and bring their products to life.

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