Decent Exposure: Episode 1 – The Facebook News Feed Shakeup; Jason Gets Too Literal About Websites

Welcome to the World Premiere of Decent Exposure!

We’ll be discussing all things marketing, from websites to social media to proofreading. Websites have been around for decades and we all know a good website from a bad one when we visit it. It’s an extension of your business and brand and therefore should reflect the care you put into your business.

In the first episode, we discuss the new changes that Facebook has recently launched and how a website can be useful to your business in light of these changes.

Topics Discussed

  • Facebook is changing to place news feed priority on your family and friends (personal profiles) instead of company Facebook business pages (even if you interact with them more than your family)
  • These updates were according to “user feedback” – who can say how large that sample size was?
  • The biggest reason for this change is because the people they surveyed said what they see on their news feed was negatively affecting their daily lives
  • There still are really bad websites out there – why??
  • Websites and/or blogs are extensions of your brand. It has to be functional and look good
  • Blogs are great to showcase your expertise and are useful for SEO because you can update it as often as you want
  • Facebook and other social media are a critical part of the mix, but you shouldn’t rely on them solely to build your brand
  • You still need something online you can control

Key Conversation Timemarks

5:00: Facebook changed – again
15:21: Jason’s initial argument – he built a business’s presence online without using their website
18:00: What you can do with a blog
18:58: Our definition of a website versus a blog
20:10: Angelica’s argument – if it has a www, it’s a website whether it’s built on a blog platform or not

Resources and Businesses Referenced in this Episode

Facebook: It’s Free and Always Will Be…Until It Isn’t by Jason Cercone
Facebook News Feed Changes
Terms of Service: Social Media and the Price of Constant Connection by Jacob Silverman *affiliate link

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