Decent Exposure: Episode 12 – How to Effectively Use Social Media Automation


Automating your social media can help grow your business’s presence, but it by no means replaces actually being present on a social media network. It looks lazy and sloppy when you don’t know what resonates on each network. Further, there’s the potential to upset customers if you ignore a network, but you still push content there. What if someone thinks you’ll see a tweet you sent them because you have a profile on Twitter, but you never check it? Not good.

In this episode, we discuss how to grow your business’s presence on social media by using automation effectively. The biggest thing to remember is that each network has its own flavor. Figure out which networks you want to be on, focus on creating great content, and connect with your customers. Take the pressure off of yourself to come up with content daily by scheduling while still allowing yourself time to check in daily.

Topics Discussed

  • Why you need to be posting natively to each network
  • If you aren’t taking time to be on a network, why should your customers care about you on that network?
  • Before you do anything, develop a smart strategy and figure out where you want to spend your time based on where your audience is
  • Schedule things for Facebook right on Facebook! And other automation tools and schedules
  • There’s the potential to upset customers if you ignore a network, but you still push content there. Not a smart strategy
  • Jason and Angelica’s workflow when scheduling for our clients so we can work smarter, not harder, by sharing the same content while still making it look good for each network and how we are active each day on our clients’ networks
  • Schedule the priority items for the week and leave yourself some room to check in daily

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