Decent Exposure: Episode 3 – Cutting Marketing Corners and Why You’ll Burn If You Do It

Don’t cut corners in your marketing! There are many elements that go into building up your brand and you have to take it seriously. When you cut a corner to try to save time or money, it ends up backfiring and you could turn off potential customers and lose whatever time and money you saved on the front end.

In this episode, we talk about why you need to devote time to social media and marketing in order to be successful. You can’t cut corners and be lazy and expect customers to fall at your feet.

Topics Discussed

  • No matter your business, you need a presence online
  • It’s a big mistake (huge) if you hand over your social media to your lowest employee who doesn’t quite get it or your buddy’s girlfriend because she’s “always on Snapchat”
  • You must have a strategy with your marketing in order to be successful with it
  • Social media marketing is advertising – take it seriously
  • You may be losing potential customers if you don’t know your audience and what resonates with them online
  • Take your presence online seriously – proofread, pay attention to detail – to build trust with your customers
  • You have to invest time and know what you’re looking at to have a good image
  • Being lazy with content and quality, being inconsistent, or having someone who doesn’t understand the strategy are the big ways people are cutting corners
  • To fix it, hire someone to help you or sit down and batch your work out when you have time to devote to doing it well
  • Recognize your strengths and your weaknesses – find someone to help you with your weaknesses and focus on your strengths

Key Conversation Timemarks

2:15: You’re not the only game in town – be strategic
8:03: Work with someone who’s ahead of the changes and gets the strategy
13:00: Proofreading and why it makes you look like a trustworthy business
17:25: If you only have five minutes, what can you do to make your business look good?
23:50: There are no silver bullets in business

“You can generate more revenue from having that positive image out there than by cutting a corner and getting it done cheap.” — Jason Cercone

“Find out what your time is worth and what you’re willing to do with that time.” — Angelica Ross

“If you get 10 good reviews, no one will see it. If you have one bad review, everyone will know about it.” — Angelica Ross

Resources and Businesses Referenced in this Episode

Craft Beer Industry Podcast with Jaron Barton
Buffer, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Meet Edgar, CoSchedule, SmarterQueue for scheduling
There Are No Silver Bullets in Business by Kayla Hollatz
That’s Not How This Works Commercial

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