Decent Exposure: Episode 4 – Customer Service is Dead. Customer Experience FTW


We all have the power to be critics. We can instantly tweet about a meal we had, complain to a business by tagging them on Facebook, and bombard them with negative messages via Instagram and its Stories feature. That’s why creating a good customer experience must be at the top of your priority list as a business owner.

In this episode, we share recent experiences with major companies and how a poor experience was turned around by each. We also praise Canva for how they handled a major issue with their service on Black Friday. Overall, we stress why it’s important to be consistent with your service and give someone a reason to come back and see you again. Treat every customer as if they’re a critic because, thanks to social media, everyone is.

Topics Discussed:

  • Customer service versus customer experience – aim for the experience!
  • Good customer experience breaks down to consistency
  • Customer experience is a two way street. When someone does something good, make an effort to tell them (because most of the time, customers are irrationally mean to these technicians/customer service reps/restaurant servers, etc and the positive feedback is almost more meaningful than negative feedback)
  • If your customer is experiencing a bad product over and over, it could turn them off from doing business with you
  • You can’t condemn a place based on one bad experience
  • Everyone from the top down has to be on the same page and you must have a protocol to manage customer complaints
  • Take the time to address user issues when they pop up (or find someone to help you, like we discussed in Episode 3: Why Cutting Corners in Your Marketing Will Get You Nowhere)
  • Deliver a consistent message and give someone a reason to come back and see you again

Key Conversation Timemarks:

1:34: Customer service versus customer experience

3:10: Angelica’s customer experience example

14:02: Jason’s customer experience example

20:00: The customer’s responsibility in the experience

22:31: Canva and how they provided an excellent customer experience


“I’ve removed ‘customer service’ from my vernacular. Customer experience is where it’s at for me. You aren’t servicing someone, you’re giving them an experience.” 1:34 Jason

“In today’s world, everybody is a critic and everybody has a platform to discuss, whether positive or negative, what their experience was.” 21:42 Jason

“As Anthony Bourdain says, ‘[The internet] is just one big bathroom wall that we’re all writing on.’” 22:03 Angelica

Resources and Businesses Referenced in this Episode:

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz *affiliate link

Anthony Bourdain bathroom wall analogy

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Twitter: @jasoncercone

Instagram: @jasoncercone

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