Decent Exposure: Episode 7 – What Does a Social Media Manager Do For Your Brand?


A social media manager is a powerful person to have in your corner. Our primary job is to post to your business’s social media accounts for you, but we do much more than that (trust me, I know.) We continually learn new techniques, test out different types of content to gauge performance, respond to customer comments, and devise a strategy to get the best results for you online.

In this episode, we pull the curtain back a bit to reveal what a social media manager can do for your business, discuss the importance of working with a social media manager, and pose the question, “If you had to pay for social media, which network would you choose to use?” I’d love to hear your answer to that question in the comments!

Topics Discussed

  • Social media advertising is a form of advertising – you still have to pay for it
  • Scheduling is your friend! Batch your work (but don’t just “set it and forget it.”)
  • Every business and every social media account is different – look at your insights and understand how your audience responds to different types of content
  • Where we’ve found the most success for ourselves and our clients online
  • A social media manager can tap into the tone and best usage of each network you’re on to get the best results for you
  • Sit down and talk to your social media manager so they understand your goals and tone
  • Never delete comments, especially negative ones

Key Conversation Timemarks

2:00 – How we work with clients
2:46 – First thing Angelica does for the week for clients
4:17 – First thing Jason does for the week for clients
7:05 – Misconceptions and continual learning
10:00 – Importance of consistency
12:30 – Where we’re finding the most success for ourselves and our clients online
15:45 – You can have different tones and uses for each network
18:05 – How to handle feedback online
21:00 – If you had to pay for social media, which network would you choose to use?


5:30 “That’s one of the core elements of a social media manager: making sure the content is coming out on a daily basis and there’s a consistent brand message throughout.” Jason

7:54  “You’re constantly learning and staying ahead of the curve or at least on the very crest of the wave of constant information that’s coming in to make you a better marketer and make the businesses you’re marketing for even more effective.” Angelica

9:40 “The importance of this role within your business, having someone dedicated to doing it right for you, can be extremely valuable for how your brand progresses.” Jason

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