Decent Exposure: Episode 8, Part 1 – Killing Instagram with Tori Mistick


Tori Mistick is an “Instagram expert and dog mom AF.” Tori has been in the online marketing world for, like, ever (okay, nine years, but that’s a long time in social media years), back when businesses still used personal Facebook pages to communicate with their customers. Two years ago, she noticed many businesses niching down their content online and decided to do that for her Instagram account associated with her blog, Wear Wag Repeat, by only sharing content that appeals to stylish dog moms. Since making that change, she experienced a world of growth and has increased her presence.

In this episode, we discuss why you need to niche down your Instagram page, how to connect with your audience through hashtags, location tags and comments, and touch briefly on some scheduling tools Tori uses for her Instagram consulting and coaching clients.

We learned so much from Tori, we decided to record a second part which focuses on Instagram Stories, Insights, and what you can do right now to start seeing a change in your Instagram account.

Topics Discussed

  • Tori experienced a ton of success after she niched down her Instagram account associated with her blog and decided to focus on that for business as well
  • Niching down means getting super-specific with your specialty
  • Before: she was using Instagram as an “online journal” and was very all over the place with the content. After: she only shares content that appeals to stylish dog moms
  • Use a grid strategy: assign a category or theme to each box in your Instagram grid and repeat that pattern. It makes it easier to plan your content, your feed looks more cohesive and more organized, and people automatically understand what you do when they come to your profile
  • You want your account to be as specific as possible so Instagram will recommend you to people who would like what you’re doing with the “similar accounts” feature
  • The clearer you are on what you share on Instagram, the more engaged your audience will be
  • Hashtags
    • 30 per post
    • Take time to research hashtags. Find other accounts like yours and see what they’re using (and then what those accounts are using and so on)
    • 10,000-200,000 usages is a sweet spot where the tag is active enough that people are using it and you’ll have a good chance of being discovered through it
    • Make sure the content using a particular hashtag aesthetically aligns with your content
  • Get into the Top Nine of bigger and bigger hashtags the more you grow your following
  • Research location tags that are related to the content you share and use them connect with your audience – where is your target customer hanging out?
  • Know who your customer is and think about the behavior of your customers so you can create an environment they’d be drawn to on your Instagram account
  • Reply to comments!
  • You can now schedule posts to automatically be pushed to Instagram
  • Trusted scheduling tools: Hootsuite, Planoly, Buffer

Key Conversation Timemarks

2:32: Why in the world should you care about Tori Mistick and what she does that makes her so awesome

5:50: Tori “before” she niched down

6:40: “Grid” strategy for Instagram

9:00: Importance of having focused content


15:30: Other ways to engage with people that don’t include any hashtags

21:24: Automatic scheduling to Instagram is here

23:51: Imagine “To Be Continued” like a Friends episode because there’s more on Instagram next week!


“When I started to learn about niching down, I made it really specific…ever since I’ve done that for my blog and social media business, it’s been crazy the amount of growth I’ve experienced.” — Tori

“It’s important to have your content be focused and post about one or two things because then Instagram will have a better idea of what you’re about and recommend you to more people who will like what you’re doing.” — Tori

“The number of [hashtag] usages is important, but then I also look to make sure the content aesthetically aligns with my content…if the other photos on that hashtag look like your content, then it means the people who are posting and liking that will also like your content.” — Tori

“Instagram is more of an art than a science, so I encourage people to experiment.” — Tori

“Before you do any of this, you have to take a step backward and think about the behavior of your customers.” — Tori

Resources and Businesses Referenced in this Episode

AltSummit Conference


Buffer, Hootsuite, Planoly

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