Decent Exposure: Episode 8, Part 2 – Killing Instagram with Tori Mistick


Last week, we introduced you to Tori Mistick, Instagram expert and dog mom AF. We discussed the importance of focusing your Instagram content and how to connect with your audience through hashtags, location tags, and comments. If you missed that conversation, catch up here!

In this episode, Tori returns with a few advanced strategies to make your content stand out. After you’ve niched your account and started to connect with your audience, work in some Stories. She also walks us through monitoring our success with Insights and what you can do right now to start seeing a change in your Instagram account.

Topics Discussed

  • Using Instagram Stories to continue your brand message
  • Instagram Stories can be used to show things that don’t fit in your grid
  • How to get your customers involved in the decision-making process through Stories to create super-fan customers
  • Include a CTA with every post to tell people how you want them to engage with your content
  • Innovate! Be unique!
  • KPIs for Instagram and how to find them
  • If you can’t commit to posting daily, post consistently. Set realistic goals and be consistent
  • A few things everyone can do right now to set yourself up for Instagram success

Quotes From Tori

“Tell your customers what to do and they’ll be more likely to be engaged with it.”

“Businesses and customers and vendors and users and everyone can interact on an even playing field.”

“Have fun with it, but be strategic with your fun.”

“Social media isn’t free. You still have to pay content creators, a photographer, a model….but it’s a lot easier to roll out a campaign and test it and see how the results are without too much investment compared to how it used to be.”

“I look to see which posts got the most engagement, likes, or saves and then I create more content like that….It’s all about analyzing the data on your account to find what works for you.”

“I like to make people feel good about being on Instagram. If you set an unrealistic goal and you don’t reach it and you’re disappointed in yourself, then you’re not putting the right vibes into the Universe.”

“If you post multiple times in one day, your likes will be distributed over those posts.”

Resources and Businesses Referenced in this Episode

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