My name is Jason Cercone and I am proud to partner with innovative, dynamic entrepreneurs and businesses of all shapes, sizes, philosophies, and directions to help drive business forward through creative content strategies. I caught the entrepreneurial bug when I was 14 years old in my hometown of Bradford, PA when I founded and operated a small sports card business where I set up shop at various trade shows at local malls and sold my wares to enthusiastic collectors. For a kid with no bills at a time when sports cards were at a peak in popularity, business was boomin’ and I never looked back.

In my life, I’ve cleaned bowling pins. I’ve mowed softball fields. I’ve stocked shelves. I’ve collected shopping carts. I’ve sold cell phones. I’ve sold coupons door to door. I’ve rented cars. I’ve sold cars. I started an online travel business. I co-founded a small social media marketing company. I’ve helped men and women deal with baldness. My career path hasn’t exactly been a straight line, but I wouldn’t change all the experience I’ve gained for the world.

One thing just about all these ventures had in common was their focus on customer experience. Whether it was something as small as helping a customer find the bread crumbs while working at a grocery store through high school and college or consulting one on one with current and potential clients in high-pressure, direct sales scenarios, I’ve built a wealth of knowledge and intellect for creating the memorable consumer experiences. I firmly believe in a thorough approach that ensures the best long-term results for every company and client I encounter.

Today, my focus is on content, sales, and brand management. I own and operate Breaking Brews, a content network focused on beer marketing, brand management, and content creation. I love to podcast. I’m an avid golfer. I’m into live music, movies, hockey, grabbing a beer with friends and colleagues, and have a deep (maybe even unhealthy) obsession with fantasy football. is designed to chronicle events, discoveries, developments, inspirations, day-to-day happenings, and everything in between as I continue to navigate this entrepreneurial path. My hope is you find something of value within these pages or, at the very least, something entertaining. If not, no big deal. Keep blazing your own trail and do not forget to enjoy the journey that’s getting you to where you want to be.