The Next Steps

I had some pretty big expectations for 2020. I’m sure you did, too. Things were trending in a great direction and I was seeing nearly six years of hard work paying off in numerous ways.

Then, along came March. I don’t think I have to say much more.

Now, here’s the thing: many, many people were affected by COVID-19 way worse than me. I’d be ignorant to feel otherwise. Fortunately, I was able to adapt to new, creative ways of conducting business and did everything I could to make it all come together.

That said, there were still some rough times. And some incredibly discouraging days. And, like so many others, a lot of days of solitude to contemplate it all. I always try to find the positives in every situation, but that got increasingly difficult as quarantine rolled on.

So as our world continues to shift, change, pivot, suffer, heal, and adapt, I’ve made a decision to take the focus of my work in a brand new direction.

Today, I’d like to officially announce a fresh name for my business – Cercone Consulting. My mission is to partner with brands of all shapes, sizes, and practices and help them build the best brand experience for their customers at all levels.

I have worked with some tremendous people throughout the pandemic and I look forward to continuing that work while welcoming other passionate professionals into the mix.

My chief area of focus will be podcasting and helping businesses create, produce, market, and grow podcasts that will serve as a catalyst to their overall brand evolution.

And as I go all in on podcasting, I’m happy to announce that I’m launching not one, but TWO new podcasts of my own:

1) Pod Theory – a daily podcast set to deliver tips and strategies for brands looking to start their own podcast or improve upon an existing one.

2) Forged By Failure – a look at success stories from start to finish. Instead of just seeing what’s present today, I plan to go deep with my guests to uncover how they overcame the most difficult circumstances on their path to victory. As the tagline says, it’s a look at success stories born from fucking it all up.

With this new trail being blazed, it means that other good things must come to an end.

Prior to the pandemic, I was set to record Season 3 of The Breaking Brews Podcast. Unfortunately, that never came together the way I wanted.

Today, I officially announce the closing of The Breaking Brews Podcast and, along with it, Breaking Brews as a whole.

Words will not even begin to tell the story of what Breaking Brews has brought into my life. I’ve made thousands of positive connections, gained many lifelong friends, and had the pleasure of partnering with some of the best companies in the industry today. It was 6+ years that gave me the experience, savvy, and bravery to execute my new path with confidence.

In case you’re wondering, I will take the mic one last time for a ‘last call’ edition of The Breaking Brews Podcast very soon. The episodes that are live as we speak will remain in tact…so you can always go back and listen should you choose.

The first five episodes of Pod Theory will be going live on Monday, September 21st. From there, new episodes will come out daily Monday thru Friday starting on September 28th.

Forged By Failure is still in development and I plan to roll that out before the end of this calendar year. Stay tuned.

2020 may not have been what you asked for. But it’s what you have. It’s what we all have. And that’s better than nothing.

I came across a quote this past weekend that sums things up perfectly: “At some point, you must go from ‘I hate that I have to…” to “I’m blessed that I get to…'” — Brendon Buchard

Put yourself in a position to appreciate the abundance in your life. Accentuate the positives in your world. Attack your day with purpose the second you wake up. Good things will most definitely come.

Thank you for being part of the first of many new steps for me. Stay tuned for announcements on the launch of both new podcasts and, shameless plug, be sure to listen and tell everyone you know!


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