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I moved to Pittsburgh in 2003, fulfilling a goal/dream that first came to me when I was all of 10 or 11. My godfather and his family lived in Pittsburgh and, occasionally, my family and I would make the three hour trek from Bradford, PA to visit. I don’t know if it was my affection for Pittsburgh sports teams, that first glimpse of the “big city” coming down 279 South before connecting with 579 South to drive into the thick of the city’s welcoming arms, or just the fact that our weekend visits were always highlighted with things to do (fun, memorable, exciting things not so readily available in my humble hometown), or something else altogether…but something told me, one day, I’d be calling Pittsburgh home.

Hey Alexa, skip ahead 17 years. Pittsburgh has taken on a complexion immensely different from how I found her and, undoubtedly, will take on an entirely new complexion in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. That’s the beauty of it. Our reputation has morphed from steel industry titan to technology and medical innovators. The beer, spirits, and wine industries have found solid footing in Pittsburgh’s soil, establishing neighborhood destinations throughout the region and beyond. The culinary scene is off the charts. Festivals, concerts, art, culture, sports, fine dining, pretty much any activity you can conjure up – it’s all unfolding within our confluence.

Pittsburgh is always changing. Always innovating. Always doing something to become that much more of a draw.

The City of Champions offers the amenities of large cities paired with the conveniences and cost of living of small ones. That’s not an easy find.

When I visualized moving here as a kid, there was no way of knowing what Pittsburgh would give me. But I’m glad I followed through. Because this city is everything I ever wanted in a place I could call home.

Recently, I sat down with my friends at WordWrite PR on the P100 Podcast to talk about the beer business. The overall theme of the episode, “What’s Bringing People to Pittsburgh,” blends harmoniously with the rise of independent beer throughout our region. When I originally launched Breaking Brews in 2014, there weren’t more than a dozen breweries stationed in the ‘Burgh. Now, our landscape touts over 50 throughout Western PA. Not to mention a seemingly endless of supply of beer from across the globe finding its way to consumers thanks to the hard work of our local wholesalers.

As citizens of this city, we have a lot to be thankful for. And great beer is absolutely one of those things.

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