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In today’s constantly evolving and changing business climate, the importance of a strong voice and captivating presence has reached an all-time high. Why? Because, just like your favorite end-of-the-week cocktail, competition is stiff! You have a small window of opportunity to capture the heart, mind, soul, and hard-earned cash of your customer. If you misfire, they’ll take their business down the street. It’s that simple.

Let’s face facts: there’s only 24 hours in a day. And when you started your business venture, the rigors of your daily to-accomplish list more than likely didn’t include spending hours upon hours creating a consistent, badass online presence that engages customers and, ultimately, brings them through your doors. It more than likely didn’t include building an online army of loyal brand advocates to sing your praises from the ground up. It more than likely didn’t include developing a writing style. Or developing a consistent social media strategy. Or nurturing an audience and constantly staying tapped into their psyches to improve upon existing business practices. Or staying up to speed on social media algorithm shifts and nuances with digital media platforms.

That’s where I come in. I:

  • Partner with you to determine the best path to optimum results
  • Create content that entertains, informs, educates, promotes, and connects you to the masses
  • Actively build your brand through innovative marketing initiatives
  • Evaluate your social media to ensure your voice is projected appropriately where people are spending most of their time online
  • Enhance your business’ visibility
  • Promote news, events, and happenings unfolding within your business
  • Help bring the story of your business to life
  • Work with you to create the best possible experiences for your customers
  • Ensure your brand image is professional, on point, and free of grammatical errors
  • Help you create, cultivate, plan, and execute memorable events

You, in turn, reap all the benefits. Stronger brand presence. More effective communication. More revenue for your business. Peace of mind.

The way our forefathers intended.

I mentioned a moment ago that competition is stiff. And while that may be true, competition is also important. A competitive atmosphere means you’re in the right ballpark. There may be a ton of businesses after the same audience, yet there’s enough room for everyone to claim their piece of the pie. IF you do it right. There are countless ways to ensure your brand gains loyalists every step of the way and just as many ways, if not more, to turn them against you. If you don’t focus on attention to detail, people will begin to question your processes. If you don’t actively engage with your customer base, they will gravitate to a business that does.

You absolutely have to establish a connection with them. Why? Because in today’s business world, people support people. This means you must connect with your audience on a human level.

And that…isn’t always easy.

Communication is key. Listening to your customer’s feedback is vital and, best of all, costs you nothing. In order to set yourself up for success, creating a visible, approachable online presence is paramount to your business standing out.

We live on the Internet today. And whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, or review sites, the people who can hoist your efforts to the absolute pinnacle of exposure are waiting to do just that.

You will inevitably face challenges of all shapes and sizes in the business world today. But thankfully, you’ve pointed your bat-signal to the sky, I saw it, and I’m here to save the world from evil-doers…

Or just partner with you to ensure your business is set up for success. That’s probably safer…and more in my wheelhouse. My cape is at the cleaner’s anyway…

My mission is to work in lockstep with you, enhance your reputation, and take your business to the next level. I don’t create generic, cookie-cutter content because we don’t live in a one-size-fits-most world anymore. Instead, I get to know your business and determine the best approach to developing creative initiatives that captures your voice, engages your followers, and positions you for maximum exposure and optimum results.

You’ve got yourself a business where genuine experiences flow daily and, for that, I’m already your biggest fan. Let me capture that admiration in a way that helps the rest of the world love you, too.

Let’s Get Started!

I am committed to driving your brand forward. I offer a focused set of initiatives designed to boost your presence, enhance your visibility, and add a much-needed layer to your brand, allowing you to flourish through consistent effort and constant adaptation to market demands. These initiatives are personalized to your specifications, delivering desired results based on your expectations and carried out by a true business partner dedicated to your success.

Social Media Marketing Evaluation & Consulting

On today’s Internet, if you’re not active on social media, you’ll get lost in the shuffle. Period. Determining the right social media strategy for your business is critical in connecting with your audience and plotting the right direction is not something you should attempt to do without a professional. Social Media Marketing continues to change and evolve and our partnership gives you access to someone with a decade’s worth of experience learning and growing within these platforms.

My social media initiatives alleviate your burden of having to manage social media campaigns alone. Together, we will dig in to your social media networks and build an effective game plan designed to nurture and engage your audience through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other relevant social media platforms. The end game is to create strong connections between you and your audience, building loyalty and giving them substantial reasons to trust you as a valued resource in your niche.

Content Creation RatesInnovative Content Creation

Content Creation strategies apply to all facets of communication coming from your brand, including social media campaigns, blog posts, features, press releases, and website content. No matter which outlet features your content, it must effectively capture your voice and forge a connection with current and potential customers. This establishes trust, builds loyalty, provides desired information, and makes you a viable option when customers choose to part with their hard-earned money.

Whether you’re looking for full-length features, website content, or a promotional piece for an upcoming event, I’ve got your back. Determining a content strategy that’s right for your business will transform your business into a resource that consumers turn to time and time again. Let’s work together to determine that strategy and execute it today.

In addition to creating content, I am also skilled in editing and will help you spot errors and craft copy that will position your brand in the most positive fashion.

Event Planning, Cultivation, Promotion, and Execution

Events unite hundreds of people with the sole purpose of showcasing the collective efforts of every organization involved while delivering a memorable experience to all those in attendance. To ensure these events are properly executed, proper marketing before, during, and after must exist, combined with effective event planning initiatives to ensure all details of the event are presentable to the crowd, thus creating successful gains and the means to repeat the event in the future.

My goal is to deliver exceptional service, marketing, and planning throughout the planning stages of your event through its conclusion, as well as subsequent wrap-up/summary marketing to illustrate full transparency. These services include:

  • Cultivation of event idea, scale, and concept; taking event from concept to reality
  • Effective communication on all aspects of event management
  • Direct contribution to event planning strategies and initiatives as needed
  • Full consultative assistance for proper execution of events
  • Social media campaigns designed to stimulate ticket sales and raise event awareness
  • Full ticket sales management via my ticketing partner Universe

Sales & Brand Management

This initiative exists to help small, local breweries increase the visibility of their brand and place more beer in the Pittsburgh market. If you own and operate a brewery in the Pittsburgh region and would like to establish a larger presence for your beer, click here for more details.

Creating the Best Customer Experience

Customer service is still very important in today’s social world. But customer experience is even more important. Delivering a memorable experience to a customer will turn them into a loyal brand advocate and, with competition being stiff as we discussed before, delivering beyond expectations will help you stand out among your peers. They’ll be back time and time again because they know what to expect and know you genuinely care about their expectations.

I’ve developed over 25 years of experience working numerous aspects of customer relations. Also, just like you, I’m a customer myself. When considering the best way to deliver a quality experience for others, I always think of what resonates with me and cultivate a direction from there. If improving and developing your customer experience techniques is high on your priority list (as it should be), let’s discuss how to build solid customer experience practices for you and your team.

Let’s Do More

Other aspects that make our partnership valuable to you and your business:

  • Consulting
  • Public speaking engagements
  • Promotional Graphics and Image Creation
  • Video and Podcast Marketing
  • Logo/Branding Creation

By implementing innovative, cutting-edge campaigns and strategies utilizing the aforementioned vehicles combined with a strong work ethic, the overall presence of your brand within your competitive market will excel. These solutions are designed to promote your efforts to an engaged, targeted, constantly growing audience in a day and age where digital connection and strong brand advocacy is critical to your relevancy. Let’s work together to give you the sharpest look possible.

I look forward to joining forces with you and playing a role in the enhancement of your vision.




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