Grab Cans of Spoonwood Turtle Recall Before They Vanish!

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Attention Beer Buyers!

Introducing Turtle Recall, Spoonwood Brewing’s second annual Turtle Survival Alliance benefit beer! This offering is a full-bodied IPA with tropical and citrusy hops, which are complemented by a touch of lime zest. Hefty portions of malted wheat and flaked oats, along with lactose (“milk sugar”), vanilla, and coconut, provide a full and creamy mouthfeel. It all comes together just a little like a coconut cream pie with a lime zest meringue. A portion of draft and can sales benefit the Turtle Survival Alliance.

If you have coolers where you sell beers individually, grab some Turtle Recall before it goes extinct!

Beer Stats:
Turtle Recall Turtle Survival IPA
16oz Can – 7.2% ABV, IBU 30
Case Cost: $60 + tax

Turtle Recall






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