Writing Portfolio – by Jason Cercone

Writing Portfolio

Below are the goods: Features and content created for libations destinations, as well as education and commentary columns. Please consume responsibly.

PLEASE NOTE: These features appear on breakingbrews.com and the links will redirect you as such. This portfolio will also be updated frequently as I prepare new features and commentaries going forward.

Content Creation RatesDestination Features, Podcasts, & More

Caliente Pizza & Draft House
Bocktown Beer and Grill
Spoonwood Brewing Company
Hough’s Taproom & Brewpub
Blue Dust
The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company
Grist House Brewing
The Independent Brewing Company
Hal’s Bar and Grill & Hal’s Bottle Shop
Pink Boots Society – Western PA Chapter

Commentary, Education, and Special Features

The ‘Craft Beer Spotlight’ Series
The ’9 Extraordinary Craft Beer Destinations in Pittsburgh’ Series

‘It’s Mead Time’ Monthly Mead Series with KingView Mead
The Stylin’ & Profilin’ Libations Education Series
Short Pour News & Information Series

The Deeper Meaning Behind the Independent Craft Beer Seal
How Untappd Culture is Negatively Impacting Craft Beer
Brewtal Beer Fest: The Ultimate Cure For Festival Fatigue

Beer & Music: The Jams The Fuel Craft Brewing Inspiration in Pittsburgh
How to Create a Bad Ass Craft Beer Tap Program
Four Mile Brewing: Bringing Craft Beer Where It’s Needed
Blood, Sweat, & Beer: A True Taste of Craft Beer Struggle and Triumph
Indiana, PA: Your Newest Craft Beer Destination
Does Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue Hate Craft Beer?
Aging Beer: When Will Your Favorite Brews Get Better Over Time?
The Great Pumpkin Beer Debate: When is the Right Time For Pumpkin Brews?
Beer Laws and Craft Beer’s Struggle For Exposure









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