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Heather Cox is the world’s foremost authority on diversity certification, an area many businesses overlook and, as a result, cost themselves thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars in potential revenue each year.

Heather is a business executive, seminar director, renowned public speaker, and marketing professional whose tireless advocacy for diversity helps make the business world more closely resemble the real world. She co-founded Certify My Company based on her own frustrating experience completing the Women’s Business Enterprise certification process, something that opened her eyes to the challenges facing small, diverse businesses. Expert guidance is critical and highly sought after in this space, thus leading to the launch of Heather’s enterprise.

Certify My Company is the national leader in transforming Fortune 1000 supplier diversity programs into profit centers, as well as empowering diverse businesses to meet their full potential through certification and increase market visibility.

Entrepreneurs are always looking for business development opportunities, through new and existing clients alike. Being diversity-certified not only puts you in front of thousands of fellow diversity-certified businesses, but also the Fortune 1000 community. But despite these clear-cut advantages, many business owners simply are not aware of what diversity certification is or how drastically it can bolster their practices.

As President of Certify My Company, Heather partners with diverse businesses and assists with all aspects of certification. Her efforts help companies of all shapes and sizes increase visibility in supplier markets and connects certified businesses with corporations eager to do business with them. She takes pride in educating corporations about diversity practices and collaborates with managers of supplier diversity programs to help them achieve their diversity goals, including a seat at the Billion Dollar Roundtable!

Expert Topics

The value of diversity certification and its impact on a company Companies who become diversity-certified are able to enhance their visibility, establish long-standing partnerships with other organizations, and strengthen their bottom line year over year. Unfortunately, this aspect of a company’s complexion is not prioritized because of hurdles in the application process or, worse, a complete lack of awareness. Heather can explain the importance of diversity certification to your audience in easy-to-understand terms and bring insightful attention to this growing, evolving initiative.

The role diversity plays in today’s business landscapeThe face of business has completely changed and diverse workforces at companies across the country are playing critical roles in helping understand customer needs and concerns, as well as ways to provide solutions to those needs and concerns. Organizations with healthy diversity goals and cultures see a boost in employee morale and function more cohesively from department to department. Heather can shine a bright spotlight on how organizations have adapted these practices and how these goals work in synergy with diversity certification.

Business and company developmentWilliam S. Burroughs is credited with one of the most famous business quotes of all time: “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” All companies are (or should be) seeking ways to stay on the cutting edge of growth, development, and innovation…and in no area are there more opportunities for progress than in diversity certification and supply chain management. Heather will share her 10+ years of experience working with numerous diverse organizations and share poignant tactics and strategies business owners at all points in the growth and scaling process can implement.

The power of building relationships and connections at all levels of businessAccomplishments in business are seldom achieved alone. That’s why building a quality professional network is paramount to success in today’s constantly-evolving business climate. The more people you have to turn to when faced with a difficult challenge, the more potential you have to conquer that challenge successfully. Heather has built Certify My Company by establishing relationships with fellow business owners, suppliers, and like-minded individuals and will share how these practices have played a critical role in the growth of her company…and how it can help your listeners do the same.

How companies can increase visibility partnering with diverse-certified suppliers Increasing market visibility should be on every company’s priority list, regardless of size or scale. Assessing needs and acquiring help in the diversity certification space is one way businesses can amplify their presence, opening up new opportunities for customer gain and collaboration with other certified companies. This is Heather’s specialty and what has molded the shape of her company for more than 12 years. As she dives into this topic, your listeners will leave with a full understanding of the diversity certification process, its importance, and why their company needs to put more emphasis on diversity certification today.

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