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Jason Cercone is a creative professional, strategist, podcaster, connoisseur of steak and chicken wings, and all-around well-adjusted bon vivant making his residence in Pittsburgh, PA. He is the Founder of Cercone Consulting where he helps brands and professionals maximize the podcast platform through impactful, optimized guest marketing campaigns. He’s also the host of Evolution of Brand, a podcast featuring self-defined entrepreneurs and professionals sharing inspirational stories and tactical brand-building strategies. When he isn’t glued to a microphone producing words to live by, you’ll find him consuming good bourbon and a Rocky Patel cigar, obsessing over his fantasy football lineups, and doing everything in his power to break 80 on the golf course.

The path to Jason’s success has been anything but linear. From flipping sports cards at local malls and hobby shops at the tender age of 13 to helping brands and professionals discover the monumental gains podcasting delivers today and the infinite amount of twists and turns and backflips in between, Jason has been a driven entrepreneur with a passion for winning and working tirelessly so others can taste victory, too. He firmly believes in positive mindset, consistent work ethic, ignoring the criticism of others, and crafting your own story and definition of success.

Every one of us has a story to tell. This is the primary reason Jason has gone all in on podcasting and assists others in leveraging the podcast space for optimum brand exposure. Through podcasting, Jason has told stories, provided education, established trust and authority, sold products & services, generated leads, and grown audiences exponentially – all by connecting with good people and passionately telling a great story.

Expert Topics

  • The advantages of being a well-prepared, fully optimized podcast guest
  • The benefits of being a featured guest on podcasts
  • The value of brand building on the podcast platform
  • How to amplify your mission and message with a well-optimized guest marketing campaign
  • Why most guest pitches and presentations SUCK and how to make them better
  • Important factors to evaluate when developing a guest marketing campaign

Suggested Interview Questions

  • Why is the podcast platform such a powerful platform for brand building and engagement?
  • What are the most important aspects of an effective podcast guest marketing campaign?
  • Quality or quantity: what matters more in a guest marketing campaign?
  • How can leaders and professionals successfully amplify their brand message through podcast interviews?
  • Why do most guest pitches and presentations suck?
  • How can a person benefit IMMEDIATELY from making a guest appearance on a podcast?
  • Why are download numbers a skewed vanity metric?

Guest Appearances & Testimonials

“Jason is what I would call a Platinum Podcast Guest. He put together a great idea for a collaborative interview, showed up on time, had great technology, and didn’t leave anything on the table. If you’re looking for a guest who will truly bring value to your audience, this is the guy. I typically say no to 95% of the pitches I get for guests. But Jason’s preparation and pitch blew my mind! It was a no-brainer addition to my content.” — Travis Brown, host of Podcast Builder Club | Listen Here

“Jason was a great guest! His personable disposition made it very easy to have a strong conversation and I know that compatibility can be felt by my listeners. Jason has a wealth of knowledge on the podcast business and has helped me tremendously with my show. It’s definitely worth your time to feature Jason on your next podcast episode!” Sara Makin, host of The Makin Wellness Podcast | Listen Here

“It was an absolute thrill to have Jason on my podcast. Not only is he knowledgeable about podcasts, but he easily goes with the flow of the conversation. It was like sitting around a table talking with a good friend. He has a great sense of humor and our conversation offers much for everyone who listens to it.”Kimberly Hambrick, host of The Cannoli Coach Podcast | Listen Here

“It was a blast having Jason on my show. As a fellow podcaster, he knows just how to approach a conversation to keep it fresh and interesting. Jason’s wide-ranging business knowledge really came through in our discussion. He’s a true professional.”Darin Vilano, host of The Proprietors of Pittsburgh Podcast | Listen Here

“I wanted to give a virtual high five to Jason Cercone for being a guest on the Marketing Podcast and overdelivering on value. Jason provided an easy-to-follow and actionable framework to get booked as a guest on more podcasts this year. Thanks again, Jason for providing the knowledge!” Dave Stewart, host of the Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast | Listen Here

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