Mic Drop University Affiliate HQ

Greetings! Thank you for agreeing to be an affiliate partner of Mic Drop University, the premier podcast guest marketing and optimization training in the business.Β 

I offer a hands-on, comprehensive experience for all Mic Drop University students to ensure they a) actually complete the program and experience a strong ROI and b) take their podcast guest skills to the next level. In my opinion, this is hard to accomplish in a fully automated environment.

As an affiliate partner, you will:

βœ… Receive your own unique Referral Code that you can include in any advertisements or correspondences
βœ… Receive a $100 commission for every person you refer that enrolls in Mic Drop University*

To ensure you get the most from our affiliate partnership, I am happy to provide you with whatever information and assets you need.

πŸ”† Personalized audio clips for your podcast
πŸ”† Pre-written scripts if you wish to record your own live reads or advertisements
πŸ”† Personalized videos to for social media posts, Reels, etc.
πŸ”† Live video interviews on your network to share info and answer questions
πŸ”† Podcast guest appearances to talk about the power of podcast guest marketing
πŸ”† If you have any other unique requests, please feel free to let me know!

In order to become an affiliate, click here to send me an email and use “MDU Affiliate” as the subject. I’ll be in touch and we’ll take the next steps.


When will affiliate commissions be paid?
Affiliate commissions will be paid on the 3rd of every month for all sales that unfold in the prior month.

How will affiliate commissions be paid?
Affiliate commissions will be sent via PayPal on the 3rd of every month. If PayPal is not an option, we can discuss an alternative means of payment.

How does Mic Drop University differ from other podcast guest training programs and courses?
Jason believes in a hands-on approach instead of complete automation. Mic Drop University is loaded with valuable information and steps to building an effective guest marketing campaign. But none of it will be felt without hard work, discipline, practice, and a commitment to getting better at being a guest. Jason does not believe in just selling you a course and moving on. He’s committed to your success and works with you to ensure you get the most from Mic Drop University and Guest Accelerator as a whole!

What is Podcast Guest Optimization?
Podcast Guest Optimization isΒ the process by which you become fully prepared to be a high-quality, value driven podcast guest who proceeds with a plan of action, a method to gain results, and proper expectations on what the medium can deliver.

How can I benefit from being a podcast guest?
Being a value-driven podcast guest who executes guest appearances with a sound strategy can enhance their brand visibility, grow their know-like-trust factor, establish themselves as an authority in their space, boost their organic search rankings, and much, much more. Mic Drop University, Jason’s 30-day training platform built within Guest Accelerator, is designed to teach you all the fundamentals and demonstrate how to build, maintain, and execute an optimized guest campaign that bolsters your brand-building efforts.


*Commissions for Mic Drop University are earned when an individual you refer enrolls in the training program at any level. This becomes official once their payment is received and their training begins. In order to be eligible for your commission, the person you refer must share your unique referral code and your name upon signing up for their initial consultation. Once your referral is officially paid, you will be notified of such and commissions for any sales within the calendar month will be paid on the 3rd of each proceeding month.