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DID YOU KNOW: According to The Podcast Host, there were nearly 4.5 MILLION registered podcasts in the world as of December 2021?! This includes EVERY podcast, even ones that faded away after one episode. But nearly 4.5M available for your consumption as we speak!

DID YOU ALSO KNOW: 104 MILLION Americans over the age of 12 listen to podcasts every month and it’s been predicted that number will pass 120 million in 2021?

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon or brain scientist to conclude that podcasting is one of the most dynamic, impactful, fastest-growing content mediums on the planet today.

But what does this mean for you and your brand? It means the ultimate opportunity to grow your presence, tell your story, build your authority, expand your network, and establish power in your personal brand is staring you right in the eyes!

Now…does this mean you need to drop everything and start your own podcast? Absolutely not! While this could be a strong content initiative for your brand and something you may want to consider, there’s another way to make podcasting the driving force behind the growth and evolution of your brand.

How can you tap into the podcasting space in a powerful, dynamic way with little to no experience?

How can you put this rapidly-growing medium to work for you, even if you have no editing or production skills?

What if you could position yourself as the quintessential thought leader in your industry or niche while growing your audience AND your overall presence and visibility exponentially?

Or enhance your personal brand by telling your story to a new audience of captivated listeners each and every day?!

All of this is possible when you appear as a guest on established podcasts.

Welcome to Guest Accelerator, a comprehensive guest optimization, coaching, mentoring, and communications platform built to help you maximize the critical aspects of podcasting from A to Z. Through Guest Accelerator, we will work together to:

  • Clearly define your mission and message and transform you into a lethal, optimized podcast guest
  • Get you featured as a guest on the right podcasts that will help you enhance your presence and visibility
  • Build your personal brand through authentic storytelling
  • Enhance your presence and bring your story to the masses
  • Grow your target audience and network exponentially
  • Help you maximize each guest appearance you make
  • Position you as the go-to thought leader in your space
  • Gain a well-rounded, intricate understanding of the power of podcasting
  • Establish you and your brand as a powerhouse in your industry or niche

The mission behind Guest Accelerator is to provide you with ALL of the tools necessary to bring significant value to the podcast space. Content creators are in need of quality, knowledgeable guests to collaborate with in an ongoing effort to provide exceptional content for their audience. As an optimized podcast guest, you can resonate with these audiences by telling your story, providing solutions, and earning trust.

Guest Accelerator is not just a guest booking platform. Through all facets of this program, I am here to coach, mentor, instruct, support, and serve as we work together to mold you into a mic-dropping podcast guest! It’s not just about getting you booked on shows. My commitment to your success runs much deeper.

I built Guest Accelerator to put you in a position to succeed with podcast guest marketing. The goal is not to just go on a bunch of podcasts. The goal is to find podcasts that will serve your brand in perpetuity, make a quality, memorable guest appearance on those podcasts, and bring new people into your circle because of the requisite value you’ve provided.

The more podcasts you join, the more opportunities you have to impact a new audience. And as your reputation grows, so will your brand.

Your personal brand is your greatest asset. And with Guest Accelerator, you’ll learn how to increase its value by telling your authentic story.

With Guest Accelerator, you will go from an inexperienced and unprepared to fully optimized and ready to enhance your presence and visibility efficiently and effectively with sound, customized, well-curated podcast guest marketing strategies!

In order to maximize your time investment into podcast guest marketing, it’s important to understand how to construct, maintain, and optimize your campaigns. By doing this, each time you make a guest appearance on a podcast, you enhance your presence in a meaningful, impactful way. The beauty is in the details, and that’s where I direct my focus.

With the podcast space consistently attracting new listeners and fresh, dynamic content being uploaded every hour, there is no better time to strike this iron and position yourself as a featured guest on the podcasts your key demographic are consuming. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, author, professor, athlete, thought leader, influencer, artist, coach, actor, or professional looking to give your brand growth a shot of adrenaline, the Guest Accelerator program is here to help you make it happen efficiently, effectively, and confidently!

Why is building your personal brand so important?

In today’s world, it’s not just about products and services. People buy from people they know, like, and trust. Period.

Plus, your personal brand is yours. It can’t be taken away from you. In a world immensely defined by rapid change, the brand you build around yourself is one that will stay constant and serve you through even the darkest of experiences.

In order to establish this important foundation, you have to forge a deep connection with every individual you touch. And there’s no better vehicle for reaching audiences comprised of loyal, ideal brand advocates than by positioning yourself as the #1 authority in your space on a podcast directed at a captive audience!

Building your interview skill set and turning your microphone into a lethal weapon capable of delivering superior brand growth will lead to new opportunities for you and your brand, including new relationships, increased sales, a larger network, and the ability to grow your presence exponentially with each guest appearance you make. This will lead to personal brand growth as well as large steps forward for your products, services, and company as a whole.

The GuestAccelerator Experience

The number of advantages that come into play by getting featured on podcasts that align with your mission and message is monumental. As you’ve already discovered on this page, growing your presence, establishing authority, building trust, expanding your network, and creating brand advocates lead the list. But, believe it or not – that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Knocking a featured guest spot out of the park is one of most effective forms of advertising at your disposal. YOU control your story, YOU share details that are most important to your brand, and YOU drive traffic to your website, products, and services with strong calls to action!

Podcasts offer a passive listening experience. This means listeners can consume content at the gym, on a walk, at work, in the car, on the bus…in other words, wherever they are! And, the best news is…nearly 80% of listeners who start a podcast listen all the way to the end. That’s you…in their ear…for an extended block of time. No other medium offers that type of connection.

Another advantage of growing your podcast guest presence is longevity. If a podcast’s content is evergreen (meaning it will deliver value long after it’s published), a listener could stumble upon your interview weeks, months, even years from the day it goes live and be intrigued enough to connect with you. That type of long-term productivity means your one podcast interview could literally bring you results for a lifetime.

How about this one: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In my opinion, it’s not talked about enough in podcast guest marketing campaigns, but it should be. Having other reputable websites provide links that point visitors to your website is one of the most powerful ways to build authority for your site, thus improving your organic reach on Google. The more interviews you do, the more your Call To Action link will appear on podcast’s websites and host sites.

So…how do we get this party started?

It all starts with optimization. In order to maximize your time spent as a guest on podcast interviews, it’s important to attack with a strategic plan, set realistic expectations, define your purpose as a featured podcast guest, and put focus on improving your interview skills from one interview to the next, and maximizing the value each of those interviews presents.

So how do we put all this power in play for you?

As I mentioned above, I believe in an A to Z, top to bottom approach that gets you the best return on your investment and helps you maximize every guest speaking appearance you make. Here’s what you’ll be a part of with Guest Accelerator:

  1. Guest Accelerator Optimization University is where it all begins. In order to ensure you maximize your time, effectively make an impact on your interviews, and achieve results with your podcast guest marketing initiatives, you need to be optimized. You need to set realistic goals and expectations. You need to craft your brand story, your media kit, and your guest presentation. Optimization U will check off all the boxes and ensure you’re at a level of peak performance before your guest marketing campaign begins!
  2. As your podcast guest marketing campaigns begin, as well as grow and evolve over time, you may feel the need for a 1:1 coaching and mentoring session to discuss your progress, work on vocal quirks, or simply debrief your experience in the space. THAT’S what I’m here for. I don’t believe in just selling you a training program, then sending you on your way. I firmly believe in community and ongoing communication in a group or 1:1 setting and that’s what you’ll find as part of Guest Accelerator!

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What Happens Now?

The next step is up to you.

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Do you want to be recognized as an expert and thought leader in your industry?

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Are you ready to become a fully optimized podcast guest?!!

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What is Podcast Guest Optimization?
Podcast Guest Optimization is defined as the process by which you become fully prepared to be a high-quality, value driven podcast guest who proceeds with a plan of action, a method to gain results, and proper expectations on what the medium can deliver.

Why is podcasting so popular?
There are a lot of positives to podcasts, such as the plethora of dynamic content available and well-known personalities starting their own shows. But the biggest reason the medium has experienced such a spike in popularity over the past few years is the consumable experience podcasting delivers. As a listener, podcasts are passive. This means you don’t need to have 100% of your attention focused on a show to absorb its message, as compared to a video or a blog post. People can listen to podcasts in pretty much any environment while doing a number of activities and still get value from their chosen content.

Why are brands just now beginning to leverage the power of podcasting?
Podcasts, like any other revolutionary medium that came before them (websites, blogs, social media) needed time to gain mainstream velocity. Today, that velocity is in high gear. Remember when businesses thought the Internet was a fad and didn’t think having a website was important? Or when brands had no idea how powerful social media could be for communicating with current and potential customers? When everyone shifted their thinking, the brands who didn’t “get it” had no choice but to shift as well…or get lost in the mix. Podcasting is the new big thing that’s changing how people consume information, and leveraging it now will put you ahead of the curve when everyone else follows suit.

How can podcast guest marketing help me build my personal brand?
Podcast creators are constantly on the hunt for quality, knowledgeable, value-driven guests to collaborate with. Any podcast that is built around a guest format (and the majority of them are) needs a great guest on the other mic to make an impact on the audience. And each time you make a guest appearance on a podcast that’s relevant to your niche and fully aligned with your mission and message, you’re presented with an opportunity to tell your story, enhance your reputation, and emphasize the power of your personal brand. With so many people engaged with podcasts and that audience continuing to grow, this is the premier platform for building your personal brand!

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