Guest Accelerator

It’s Time to Get Results As a Podcast Guest

Are you struggling to break through as a podcast guest? I know what you’re going through.

The truth is, just showing up to any podcast that’s willing to have you as a guest and spitting some fancy rhetoric about your products and services won’t get the job done. Podcast listeners are looking to be educated, informed, entertained, and, along the way, hope to find some new perspectives…maybe even a solution to a problem they’re facing.

As a podcast guest, your goal is to position yourself as a valuable asset to podcasters before, during, and after your guest appearance takes place. When you do this, you establish authority, open up high-level networking opportunities, increase visibility, and accelerate the growth of your brand by showcasing who you are, what you do, where you want to take people, and how you plan to get them there.

This is why I created Guest Accelerator. This training program was built for entrepreneurs, coaches, and professionals looking to level up their brand-building initiatives with purpose, confidence, and clarity.

Working one on one with me, I’ll not only teach the fundamental strategies of being a compelling, highly-reputable podcast guest, but we’ll also zero in on your brand objectives to ensure you’re optimized and positioned to achieve maximum ROI from each of your guest appearances.

Then, we’ll work together to find the best podcasts for your objectives. 

Podcast Guesting = Brand Growth

The popularity of podcasts has skyrocketed over the past few years with new listeners discovering shows every day, as well as new creators bringing new content to the world at a rapid pace. 

In order to create content that attracts listeners and keeps them coming back for more, savvy podcasters feature guests with a high level of knowledge and expertise related to their show’s subject matter. When the guest provides value to the audience during their appearance, they create opportunities to resonate with listeners and welcome them into their world for even more value.

Professionals across the globe are leveraging the strength of the podcast medium to provide value to targeted listeners and invite them into their ecosystem for even more value.

Now, it’s time for you to make the same moves.

Meet Your Trainer

My name is Jason Cercone and I’ve been part of the podcast space for nearly a decade. I’ve hosted my own shows, helped brands launch their own podcasts, and provided guidance to many professionals and leaders looking to maximize their time spent in this arena, whether building their own show or being a value-driven guest. I’m fueled and inspired by watching individuals discover confidence in their voice, seeing their hard work and commitment to honing their skill set pay off, and grabbing hold of significant breakthroughs in their personal brands with both hands.

This is what inspired me to build Guest Accelerator. There’s so much you can accomplish as a podcast guest…if you’re willing to embrace a system that helps you do it right and, most importantly, are willing to commit to learning the fundamental skills needed to speak with confidence and precision.

In addition to learning the skills, tactics, and strategies that will make you a more confident podcast guest AND overall speaker, my purpose is to help you leverage the podcast medium to establish authority in your niche, increase visibility, and help you get bookings on established podcasts that will accelerate your brand growth.

Are you in? I can’t wait to get started!

Training Program Breakdown

Entering into Guest Accelerator will get you:

💥 120-minute intensive strategy and training session
💥 90-minute strategy and practice interview session
💥 60-minute customizable strategy session – you choose what we’ll focus on

💥 Workbook filled with tips, strategies, and checklists to aid your guest marketing efforts
💥 Over 3.5 hours of private Guest Accelerator training videos
💥 Unlimited support and communication throughout Guest Accelerator training
💥 Bookings on three podcasts to accelerate your guesting efforts

Program Investment: $2,499

You can also start your training on a smaller scale with:

💥 Access to over 3.5 hours of private Guest Accelerator training videos
💥 Workbook filled with tips, strategies, and checklists to aid your guest marketing efforts
💥 90-minute customizable strategy session – you choose what we’ll focus on
💥 Bookings on two podcasts to accelerate your guesting efforts

Program Investment: $999

*If you’d like to upgrade to the full Guest Accelerator Intensive + Practice Interview + Strategy training, your $999 investment will be applied, meaning your upgrade will only cost an additional $1,500

A Small Sneak Preview…

What will you learn as part of Guest Accelerator? Lots. But just in case you’re someone who loves all the trailers that get played before the movie, here are a few of the MANY value bombs that’ll be dropping as we work together:

💣 Why building your brand as a podcast guest is so powerful

💣 Why the guest spot is so vital to a podcast’s success

💣 The art of conversation and why it’s so important to podcast content

💣 Why podcasts are the world’s best digital networking tool

💣 The one thing you should NEVER do as a podcast guest

💣 Why most guest presentations (pitches) SUCK and how to make yours overflow with value

💣 How to market your guest appearance and monetize your interview BEFORE it goes live

💣 A spot where many podcast guests drop the ball and why you’ll never make that same mistake

💣 Why you need to make guest appearances on podcasts that align with your objectives

Ready to start building? Book a free Discovery Session and let’s talk about making you a confident, badass podcast guest today!