Frequently Asked Questions

What is branding and what makes a brand successful?

Branding is the process in which you establish your company (and personal) identity and project yourself as a resource, authority, and thought leader in your niche. Your brand tells people who you are, what you do, and why you’re the one that can deliver the transformation they seek.

Your brand is your greatest asset. It goes beyond marketing and establishes you as an authority in your space and a thought leader people can trust. In a noisy, crowded digital business landscape, your brand serves as a beacon that makes you stand out as people search for clarity in your area of expertise.

Attention is the most valuable commodity in today’s on-demand world, and making a strong impression with your brand can never be ignored or overlooked. Your brand is what “puts the butts in the seats” and will keep them there as long as you continue to provide value at every juncture. Doing this will help you grow your know/like/trust factor, help you stand out in a crowded space, and generate more opportunities for growth and success.


What are the five key elements of a successful brand?

According to modernpostcard.com, a successful brand is well-defined and is relevant to your market. The five key elements that a successful brand is comprised of are:

  1. Brand Position 
  2. Brand Promise
  3. Brand Personality
  4. Brand Story
  5. Brand Associations


Why should I focus on growing my personal brand right now?

There’s a popular Chinese proverb that says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

The same mindset should be applied to building your brand. Nothing positive comes from delaying and opportunities won’t present themselves if you haven’t sufficiently built your brand and shown the world who you are, what you do, and why you can make a difference in someone’s life.

You can’t go back 20 years, so start emphasizing the importance of your brand today!


How does becoming a respected thought leader in my niche transform my brand into a go-to resource?

Think about the last time you were searching for a solution to a problem. Did you listen to someone with no track record or no credibility? Or did you listen to someone who was an established resource in their field? 

You chose the latter. Because that’s what we do. And establishing authority status and becoming a thought leader is what positions you as a trusted resource people will turn to when they’re in need of the transformation you can provide.

When you’re seen as a thought leader, people look at you and your brand differently. They treat you with respect because the solution you provide clearly helps people solve their problem. They recommend you to others and continue to turn to you as you put more value into the world.


“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” — Seth Godin


Why is podcast guesting the best approach for becoming a thought leader in my niche and elevating my brand?

Podcast guesting is a dynamic, innovative approach to connecting with your ideal customers, putting your knowledge center stage, and becoming a thought leader in your niche. Each guest appearance you make presents a new opportunity to communicate with a targeted audience of listeners (if you do your research and make guest appearances on shows that align with your objectives) and network with the creators behind the show. If you play your cards right, you can monetize your guest appearances before the interview goes live.

The following are just a few of the incredible benefits that come from being a value-driven podcast guest:

  • Establish authority in your niche
  • Become a thought leader in your field
  • Attract ideal clients
  • Grow your know/like/trust factor
  • Amplify your brand message across the globe
  • Experience high-level networking opportunities
  • Make an impact on a new audience with each guest appearance you make
  • Grow your audience
  • Have insightful conversations about ideas and philosophies you’re passionate about
  • Collaboratively create evergreen content that will serve you and your brand for years
  • Generate backlinks to your website, thus enhancing SEO, website authority, and discoverability
  • Sell without selling
  • It’s a fun way to build your brand


What is the best way to stand out on podcasts so my message resonates and my brand flourishes?

Just like anything you do in your personal and professional endeavors, the best way to stand out is to be compelling! Bringing powerful insights, expert knowledge, and an outgoing personality to the mic will help endear you to more listeners, as well as those you’re collaborating with to create podcast content.

Being compelling works from the host AND guest side:

If you want to be a compelling podcast host, ask engaging questions. Go a few layers below the typical surface-level questions guests get asked all the time and generate powerful, engaging responses. In addition, don’t be a slave to a script or format. Let powerful conversations break out and make content listeners can’t wait to sink their teeth into!

To be a compelling guest, focus on the value you’re bringing to the mic. Your role is not to sell, but to educate, inform, and entertain. Tell your story and do you part to make the audience want more from you. If you do this effectively, they’ll follow your Call To Action and give you the opportunity to bring even more value to their life.


How do I excel in the podcast space if I have no experience or I’m not comfortable with public speaking?

Becoming a confident, value-driven podcast guest doesn’t happen overnight. It’s just like anything else you’ve mastered in your life: you commit to getting better, you put in the practice swings, and you improve a little bit each day. If you’re willing to do that, there’s ample room for you to excel in the podcast space.

One of the built-in advantages to cultivating your guesting skill set is how those vocal skills translate to other areas of your life. Once you find your confident voice, you’ll overcome any discomfort you have with public speaking, you’ll communicate more effectively with customers and colleagues, and you’ll have more engaging conversations with loved ones.

It’s truly a skill that’s multi-faceted if you’re willing to invest time into doing it effectively!


Where do podcast guests typically “drop the ball” with their guesting efforts?

There are several areas where a guest can make a mistake, such as talking too much, going into sales mode for the entire conversation, relying on a computer or smartphone’s internal microphone instead of investing in a mic that makes them sound professional, and not respecting the process as a whole.

But there are two critical mistakes that all podcast guests need to stop making immediately. They are:

  1. Not supplying a Unique Call to Action that points listeners to their website. If you wrap up an interview by rattling off every social media platform you belong to + your website + a blog + an old website + etc, etc, you aren’t clearly stressing the most important place you want a listener to find you and, therefore, they’ll probably take no action at all. Give them one unique destination and bring them to a platform that you own (in other words, NOT Facebook, Instagram, etc.). From there, you can continue the process of providing the value that started with your guest appearance to each visitor that lands on your website. Make it as simple as you can for listeners to connect with you.
  2. Not sharing their guest appearances once they’re live. This is something that not only frustrates podcast creators to no end, but it simply makes no sense. This is a piece of content that was, other than your knowledge contribution, created for you! It showcases your expertise and further cements you as an authority and thought leader in your space. When a guest doesn’t share this content with their audience, they’re missing golden opportunities to further position themselves as a resource that people are attracted to. Always, always, ALWAYS share your guest appearances! 

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