The Importance of Mental Health & Resiliency In Your Brand with Vince Reginella | Evolution of Brand EP048

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The Goods From Vince Reginella

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • As humans, we are much stronger and more resilient than we give ourselves credit for!
  • One of the best ways to grow and evolve in today’s constantly changing world is to establish a growth mindset. This will allow you to pull positive results from negative situations and, ultimately, make you a stronger person for coming through the experience
  • Mental health is not something to be overlooked, overshadowed, or ignored. If you feel you need help with stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, addiction, or anything that is eroding your overall existence, don’t ignore the issues. Get help and put yourself in a position to let resiliency shine through

Show Notes

1:52 – A time Vince listened to himself instead of what others told him was right and it led to a major accomplishment

3:27 – Some background on Vince’s evolution and lessons he learned along the way

5:21 – How does an athlete transition gracefully from their playing days to the next phases of life?
     – There is a major shift in identity. Athletes are known for their sport and position in that sport
     – An athlete must prepare for the next chapter in their life along the way so the transition is easier to execute
     – Athletes need to know that they’re more than just an athlete throughout their entire life. This helps the transition as well

7:08 – What contributed to mental health finally being brought to the forefront?
     – The COVID-19 pandemic played a large role in shining a spotlight on mental health
     – Adopting a belief that we are complex beings and our mindsets and dispositions need to be explored 
     – The importance of establishing a growth mindset, which will help you derive something positive out of a negative experience and become a better person for having faced the negatives and learned from them

9:39 – Why has mental health carried a negative stigma for so long?
     – People are intimidated by things that are intangible. If you can’t hold it in your hands, it’s not as real
     – Continued awareness regarding the importance of mental health will lead to the complete shattering of the stigma
     – When your mental health is not at its optimum point, it will have a negative impact on everything you do. This was not something that people focused on or spent time trying to rectify until very recently

14:23 – Some of the success stories Vince has experienced working with people suffering from anxiety, depression, and self-esteem issues
     – People are much more resilient and stronger than they give themselves credit for!

15:56 – What will happen if you continue to avoid addressing your mental health when you know, deep inside, something needs to change?
     – Avoidance will never lead to good results and you’re doing yourself a great disservice
     – You could be making even bigger issues for yourself, in the long run AND the short run, by trying to ignore issues
     – If you don’t embrace your mental health, you’re shooting yourself in the foot!

16:57 – A major problem that Vince has solved in the evolution of his brand that added value to his community

18:55 – Honesty is king!
     – We are adults. Be honest with yourself and with others
     – If things need to change, don’t hide it. Be honest and, while the truth may sting to some degree, respect will be gained because honesty was prioritized above all else

19:33 – How did Vince handle stress as a collegiate soccer player and how does he help athletes cope with these issues today?
     – It takes tough times to learn how to manage adversity and come out on the other end better because of it
     – Vince cultivated his life in a way where positivity was prioritized over the negatives, which helped him keep a more positive mindset as an athlete himself, as well as guide others in the same capacity
     – In sports and in business, surround yourself with people who challenge you to get better. You are a product of the five people you spend the most the most time with! If you put yourself in a position where you’ll always win, there’s no challenge and, eventually, complacency will set in
     – Sports should be fun and enjoyable! This is the best way to learn important life lessons that bleed into how you evolve in all areas of your life

27:52 – What are some strategies you can incorporate into your practices to manage stress and keep balance center stage?
     – Routines, schedules, and structure
     – Stress is inevitable and not necessarily a bad thing depending on how much of it is in your life
     – Too little stress can lead to a lack of motivation. Too much stress can be paralyzing. But having some degree of stress AND managing it properly can aid in your growth and evolution
     – Routines make your life more efficient
     – As you get older, life gets more complicated and demanding. If you can set yourself up to be the most efficient version of yourself that you can be, life is a lot easier to handle and stress is easier to manage and regulate
     – A morning routine and a nightly routine can serve as great bookends to get you primed for your day, as well as wind down so you can sleep and recharge your system
     – Time is your most valuable currency. You can never get more of it and once it’s gone, it’s gone

33:30 – What is one piece of advice on resiliency that you can use in perpetuity?

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