The Secrets of Going From Side Hustle to Full Time with Charles Alexander | Evolution of Brand EP040

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The Goods From Charles Alexander

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • In today’s fast-paced world, attention spans are smaller and capturing someone’s attention has to be done in 2-3 seconds
  • In order to transition from side hustle to full-time, you have to get started. Often times, we let “paralysis by analysis” stop us from taking action. The only way to discover if your side hustle can support you on a full-time scale is to dedicate time and effort to bringing your ideas to the masses, vetting them for proof of concept, and cultivating them so you can grow and scale
  • If you want to stand out, develop a niche. You can achieve far greater results being an expert and authority in one space versus trying to spread yourself too thin by serving multiple masters. “Have a niche. Stick with it. Dominate that niche.”

Show Notes

2:04 – A moment in Charles’ life when he listened to himself instead of what others told him was right and it led to a major accomplishment

3:00 – An inside look at the Evolution of Charles Alexander and some of the lessons he’s learned along the way
     – Reach out to a local college to discover if they have any local small business development centers you can learn from!
     – Get away from hourly pricing and build a 3-tier package structure for your offerings. Tier 1 is a stripped-down version, Tier 2 is the one you truly want to sell, and Tier 3 is a higher-priced program that’s not your main focus to sell…but if you do, AWESOME
     – Charles creates 90-second animated explainer videos. Check it out!

6:57 – We live in a world where most people’s attention spans are incredibly short. You only have a matter of seconds (2-3, to be exact) to grab someone’s attention in the scrolling world of today!
     – Charles discovered that 90 seconds is the sweet spot for making an impact with video and there is research to back this up
     – Anything below a minute makes it difficult to get your message across and anything above 2-2.5 minutes, it’s hard to hold someone’s attention unless they are fully entrenched in you and your brand
     – EXAMPLE: Let’s say you need to fix a toilet in your home and you can consult YouTube for the steps to do so. When you search, YouTube returns a 3-minute, a 6-minute, or a 9-minute video to watch. Which one will most people choose? The 3-minute video hands down because it’s delivering the solution much faster!

9:54 – The hardest obstacle that Charles had to overcome as an entrepreneur and how overcoming it changed his mindset

11:55 – The importance of having someone in your corner (a coach, for example) that can give you guidance in your efforts
     – The best athletes in the world all have coaches. Tom Brady has a coach for EVERYTHING

13:29 – Some of the big hangups that prevent entrepreneurs from growing
     – Lack of know-how or confidence
     – Lack of planning
     – Lack of marketing
     – Lack of delegation
     – Planning to the point that it prevents execution (“paralysis by analysis”)

19:20 – An instance where Charles helped an entrepreneur find a major breakthrough in their brand building initiatives

20:51 – How has Charles adapted to new technologies and platforms that have become so prevalent in the digital space
     – Devote time to learning how new platforms work. “Playing” and “tinkering” can help you understand how to best use these platforms

26:08 – A major problem Charles has solved in the evolution of his brand that brought value to his community

27:55 – What are some key fundamentals you need to keep front of mind when transitioning from side hustle to full time
     – To even be in this position, you need to get started with your side hustle. Don’t put it off because you have a fear it may not work. You’ll never know until you try!
     – Then, spend REAL time focusing and working on it. Use time blocks where you can focus on the most important work within your side hustle without interruption
     – Before you leave your full-time job, make sure you have a solid understanding of how much money you need to successfully make the transition. Jumping the gun and putting yourself in a tough spot will lead to a return to full-time work
     – A lot of messaging will encourage you to go all-in and go full speed and I know I’ve projected this message to others. BUT…do so strategically. Don’t make a major move without a plan of action in place and proceed in a way that will set you up for success versus setting you further back
     – Obtain a true proof of concept on your product or service to ensure there’s a market for it and people will support it
     – Truly vetting your product or service means going beyond your inner circle for feedback. Those closest to you can be the initial spark that inspires the idea, but you have to reach out beyond them for true feedback that will let you know if you have something to run with
     – You don’t have to roll out a 100% perfect product or service from the start. Get the initial framework in front of people so you can provide value and generate revenue while you gather feedback that will allow you to make appropriate tweaks and changes
     – Your product or service can grow into many additional items you can utilize to generate revenue in the future (a book, a course, a podcast, etc.), but you’ll never know until you bring your original idea to market and cultivate it 
     – Save yourself time and energy by vetting your ideas before investing hours upon hours of time developing something that may not be something people want!

37:40 – One entrepreneurial philosophy that we all need to adhere to in order to succeed in our ventures…

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