Are You Maximizing Your Podcast Experience?

This episode of Podcast Theory Live focuses on how to get the most from podcasting and how hosts and guests can work together to bring value to the audience.

When you hear the term ‘podcasting,’ what comes to mind?

For many, it’s the act of creating audio content that’s shared through apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart, and more.

While that answer is indeed accurate, podcasts have evolved and offer so much more that often gets overlooked by creators AND those who leverage the medium to make guest appearances.

In Episode 3 of Podcast Theory Live, I’m diving into how you can maximize the time you put into your podcast and get the most from your efforts, whether you’re producing your own podcast or bringing your knowledge and expertise to the mic as a guest.

First things first: it’s time to rethink your definition of podcasting.

Success on this medium isn’t just about creating content and attaining massive download numbers.

It’s about establishing genuine connections, utilizing content to position yourself as an authority, and treating each recording session as the greatest digital networking opportunity at your disposal.

Case in point, I had a great conversation with a new connection today, Lyndsay Phillips. Lyndsay and I met via LinkedIn because we discovered we share many of the same thoughts and beliefs about the art and science of podcasting.

In fact, the topics we discussed fueled this episode and our upcoming collaborations will expand upon these thoughts, too.

Stay tuned for those. But for now, I recommend you connect with Lyndsay as well!

Here are some ways both hosts and guests can get the most from podcasting:

What Can the Host Do to Get the Most From Podcasting?

  1. Focus on building meaningful relationships.  A strong, purpose-driven relationship with your audience establishes trust and loyalty, transforming listeners into brand advocates that not only wait for new episode with piqued anticipation, but also recommend your content to others…thus fueling audience growth exponentially. At the same time, collaborating with fellow podcasters and like-minded professionals expands your reach and opens new doors to knowledge, growth, and opportunity both personally and professionally.

  2. Strengthen communication. It’s imperative for hosts/creators to maintain strong lines of communication with guests so they know what to expect and help the host create something special for their audience. If communication gets lost, more than likely the main point of the collaboration experience will as well.

  3. Repurpose and utilize more content. Your podcast not only gives you the always-important audio component that allows listeners to consume your message in a passive nature (while they’re driving, taking a walk, doing chores around the house, etc.), but also provides you with video content that can be utilized a number of ways. Additionally, the transcript can be edited and transformed into blog posts, social media content, emails, webinars, presentations, white papers, even the framework for a book. Use it all and use it wisely!

  4. Use podcast for high-level networking. As I mentioned above, the podcast medium is the single-greatest digital networking tool at your disposal. If you’re not using this medium to take relationships to the next level, you’re costing yourself opportunities. Period. 

What Can the Guest Do to Get the Most From Podcasting?

  1. Don’t go into sales mode. A common mistake guests make is thinking their guest appearance requires them to put on a performance and to sell, sell, sell. Not even close. A guest’s responsibility is to bring value to every show they appear on – tell stories, provide insight, engage with the host to create captivating content for the audience. When guests do this, they ‘sell without selling,’ meaning the host will endorse whatever they have to promote, thus leading to better results considering the trust listeners have for the host.

  2. Do more with the content produced from their appearances. Don’t just show up for a guest appearance, then ghost the creators. Ask for the raw recording to make your own marketing and promotional assets. Share anything and everything the host creates once the content is live. Use every guest appearance as social proof of your expertise and consistently drive the point home to those in your tribe that you’re the resource they should continue to trust.

  3. Use every guest appearance for high-level networking. Just like the host, networking should be front of mind for every guest. Go into each guest appearance with a mindset of “how can I bring the most value to this collaboration so I can lay the groundwork for a new relationship that opens new doors?”

Never think singularly when it comes to the podcast experience. Think about every potential opportunity that could come your way by emphasizing communication, fully utilizing the content your expertise generates, and doing your part (on both sides of the mic) to lead with value.

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