[INFOGRAPHIC] How Much Powerful Content Can You Get From One Podcast Episode?

There are a number of reasons you should lean into podcasting for your brand, including but not limited to:

  • The ability to communicate with current and potential customers
  • The ease of sharing information on your specialties
  • The strength of positioning yourself as a resource, thought leader, and authority in your niche

 But the biggest reason I feel podcasting provides immense value to brands and professionals is the versatility of the content.

Regardless of what industry you play in, creating content that showcases your expertise and helps current and potential customers access knowledge, solve problems, and establish trust is critical to your growth and longevity.

To put it bluntly, if you’re not actively positioning yourself to be THE resource for your target customers and clients, someone else is – and they will be the ones who capture the flag.

With a podcast, you can efficiently create content that serves many masters, giving you the ability to check many boxes when you repurpose said content and use it wisely throughout your digital footprint.

To illustrate the power and versatility of podcast content, I built this infographic:

This infographic illustrates the amount of content that can be extracted and repurposed from a single podcast episode recording.

In order to maximize your content, you need to employ an effective strategy. 

And I’d be happy to discuss what this looks like with you.

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