How to Powerfully Leverage the Podcast Medium For Your Brand | Podcast Workshop

On July 8th, 2022, I had the pleasure of joining my friend and brand strategist Tristan Thibodeau for a live podcast workshop with her Wild Womn Haus community. Between Tristan and myself, we covered many important aspects of building your brand via the podcast medium – both as the host of your own show, as well as being a value-driven guest on established podcasts.

Regardless of how you choose to leverage the podcast medium to grow your personal brand, understanding the fundamentals of how to speak with confidence on the mic, as well as what sort of quality and value you need to bring with you each and every time the record button gets pressed, is essential to achieving a return on your time invested in this space.

Some of what Tristan and I cover in this workshop includes:

✅ The key benefits of hosting a podcast AND podcast guesting

✅ Setting clear intentions and having realistic expectations for your efforts

✅ Conducting effective outreach for guest recruitment and creating guesting opportunities for yourself

✅ What to do in the pre-recording, recording, and off-boarding phases of your podcast production

✅ Maintaining relationships with your guests and other hosts (the power of networking thru podcasting)

✅ Why the art of conversation is so important in podcasting

✅ The one thing you should NEVER do as a podcast guest

✅ Effective communication throughout the hosting and guesting timeline

We also answer questions from the community as we go through each lesson.

You can check out the complete workshop below. If you have any questions or comments about the material covered, please do not hesitate to shoot me a message and let me know!