This Week On Pod Theory | Episodes 66-70

This Week On Pod Theory, I’m looking at how many co-hosts is too many for your show, some things you want to avoid when you’re recording a podcast, why podcasting is not a get-rich-quick scheme, how niching down your content will help your podcast grow, and just a few reasons why consistency is critical to your podcast. Episodes 66-70 are here as well as your favorite podcast app. Subscribe today!

Episode 66: How Many Co-Hosts is Too Many?

What is the right number of co-hosts to have on your podcast? There really isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question. It boils down to how you choose to deliver your content and how many personalities it will take to make that happen effectively.

When determining how many voices to feature on your show, it’s important to understand what that entails. More voices = more potential for over talk, more potential for conversations to go astray, and more time spent editing your podcast and trimming content not necessary for your final product.

In Episode 66 of Pod Theory, I’m going to share some thoughts on a good number for your co-host count. Again, I’m not right, I’m not wrong. But having the proper number of voices on your show helps keep your message clear, helps keep editing time reasonable, and helps listeners become more emotionally invested in your podcast.

Episode 67: 4 Things to Avoid When Recording a Podcast

Creating a high-quality final product is imperative to the success of your podcast. Poor audio quality, inconsistent content, background noise, and many other factors can easily derail your show and send listeners back to the search function of their favorite podcast app looking for a new show to consume.

There are many things you want to keep in mind when recording your podcast so your final product does its job, and in Episode 67 of Pod Theory, I’m going to share four of those items with you in greater detail. The goal is to captivate your listeners with every episode you release, and keeping your production tight will help you do that and much more!

Episode 68: Why Podcasting is Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

One of the reasons people start podcasts is because they think it’s some kind of fast money grab. If that’s the case, damn, am I doing it wrong.

The truth is, it’s not a fast money grab. In fact, podcasting is nowhere near a get rich quick deal. It takes time, patience, and a lot of hard work to build an entity that can, one day, prove to be lucrative. But if you think riches will fall at your boots just because you start a podcast, I highly recommend you don’t start a podcast.

In Episode 68 of Pod Theory, I’m going to share why podcasting is not a get rich quick scheme and how you should view podcasting for your overall efforts. I’m also going to share the RIGHT reasons for starting a podcast and why you need patience to make it all come together.

Episode 69: How Niching Down Your Content Will Help Your Podcast Grow

Have you ever come across a company that offers so many solutions, it’s nearly impossible to determine what they actually specialize in? This is a common trap (one that I’ve fallen into before) and, despite it seeming logical to offer as many solutions as possible for a potential customer, it actually hurts your opportunities because no one can tell if you can truly solve their problem.

With any content strategy, it’s important to keep a tight focus on the message you’re delivering. If you’re all over the place, people won’t know what point you’re trying to make. But if you have laser focus on one objective, not only will you stand out to those in need of help with said objective, you’ll make yourself easier to find.

On Episode 69 of Pod Theory, I’m going to explain why tightening your content focus and niching down can help your podcast grow. I’ll also be sharing how podcasts should be designed to be value drivers and the more emphasis you put on niching down and delivering content that offers solutions to specific issues, the more value listeners will find in your content.

Episode 70: 3 Reasons Why Consistency is Critical to Your Podcast

If you’ve listened to any other episodes of Pod Theory, you know consistency is one of most talked about subjects on this show. Without it, nothing good will come from your efforts. If your audio quality is great one episode, then terrible the next, no one will know what you’re going to bring them from one show to another. If your content hits on all cylinders today, but clearly showcases that you phoned it in the next, no one is going to get hooked on your podcast. And if you start getting inconsistent with new episode releases, you may as well pack it up and head home.

There are just too many podcasts out there for people to choose from. And if you think that any listener you’ve gained is going to keep coming back while you fall deeper and deeper into a pit of inconsistency, you are sadly mistaken. They may hang out for a little bit out of habit, but soon they’ll discover another podcast that does deliver with consistency. And once you’ve lost them and their time to another podcast, it’s extremely difficult to get them back.

In Episode 70 of Pod Theory, I’m going to share three reasons why consistency is critical to your podcast. These aren’t the only reasons consistency is king, but they’re towards the top of the list and will help you understand why inconsistent habits will stop any podcast dead in its tracks. 

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