This Week On Pod Theory | Episodes 61-65

This Week On Pod Theory, I’ve got five killer episodes covering some non-podcast podcasting resources, why you shouldn’t just sell your product or service on your podcast and what you should sell instead, what you should focus on instead of getting a million downloads, why all of your podcast episodes need a call to action, and how to build your optimal podcast listener profile. Check out Episodes 61-65 below and on wherever else you get your podcasts!

Episode 61: 5 Solid Non-Podcast Podcasting Resources

Resources for helping you with any and all aspects of your podcasting plight are easy to find. At your fingertips, you have books, videos, webinars, blogs, and, of course, podcasts – all geared towards helping you master your craft and unleash the very best podcast episodes onto the world.

In Episode 61 of Pod Theory, I’m going to share five beneficial non-podcast podcast resources that I’ve encountered and feel you’ll find value in, too. Without question, there are numerous podcasts that will help you grow and evolve (including Pod Theory), but there are also resources outside the podcasting medium that will help you on your journey, too. Building a well-rounded knowledge base is the name of the game!

Episode 62: Don’t Sell Your Product or Service On Your Podcast. Sell This Instead.

One of the greatest things the Internet has given us and continues to give us is connection to options. No matter what you’re looking for, whether it be a product, service, brand or company, podcast, blog post, video, or general information, everything you need is right at your fingertips.

But this also means that the space in which your brand exists can be crowded and noisy, making it difficult to stand out. In today’s business landscape, simply having a product or service is just table stakes. In order to succeed, you need to focus on engagement, community building, and becoming part of your customer’s everyday lives.

On Episode 62 of Pod Theory, I’m going to explain why you shouldn’t exhaust yourself doing nothing but selling your product and/or service on your podcast. I’m also going to share what you should be focusing on instead and what will help you establish a stronger connection with your listeners and, ultimately, amplify your brand voice to a wider base.

Episode 63: Don’t Fixate On Getting a Million Downloads. Focus On This…

It can be very easy to get wrapped up in the number of downloads your podcast receives. It’s much like waiting anxiously for the number of likes your latest Facebook post gets or the number of retweets you get on Twitter. It validates that people like what you’re putting out, right?

Well sometimes, the vanity metrics grab hold of our psyches and start to play crazy tricks with our heads…like telling us we aren’t doing something right.

But I’m here to tell you the number of downloads you get (especially at the beginning of your podcasting journey) is not indicative of the work you’re doing. It takes time and effort to build your audience and keeping too much of your focus on your download stats will keep you from pouring your attention into an important factor that will give your podcast strength and longevity.

In Episode 63, I’m going to tell you why your focus should not be on getting a million downloads for your podcast. Instead, it should be on……..

Hit the play button to find out!

Episode 64: Why Every Podcast You Publish Needs a Call to Action

If your podcast doesn’t have a Call To Action, you’re missing a HUGE opportunity to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Podcast listeners are some of the most loyal and engaged people on earth and if you provide them value in your content, they know you’ll provide value when you point them to your website, your social media, your products, etc.

A Call To Action is how you get them further entrenched in your message. And without one, you run the risk of letting listeners slip away without establishing a true connection with you, your brand, and your mission.

On Episode 64 of Pod Theory, I’m going to share why your podcast absolutely needs a Call To Action. I’ll also provide some examples that you can implement on your podcast the second this show ends, as well as a powerful statistic that further validates the need for a CTA on every episode you produce.

Episode 65: How to Build an Optimal Podcast Listener Profile

What is an Optimal Podcast Listener Profile? It’s a way of determining the exact person you want listening to your podcast by drilling down to characteristics that allow you to connect and engage in a seemingly 1:1 fashion.

Building an optimal listener profile allows you to identify components of your listeners that will ultimately help you build your collective audience. Targeting each of these factors will give you an edge when it comes to creating content. If you don’t have an idea of who should be listening to your podcast, it will be hard to map out what topics you should be focusing on.

In Episode 65 of Pod Theory, I’m going to explain what an Optimal Podcast Listener Profile is all about, why it’s an important exercise you should conduct for your podcast (regardless of whether it’s new or has been established), and how to build your profile today.

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