This Week On Pod Theory | Episodes 16-20

This Week On Pod Theory, we’ve got some insight on who should host your podcast (if it’s not going to be you), a look at the importance of podcast reviews, how you can determine if a podcast is the right strategy for your brand content, what you should do when your new podcast episodes go live, and a simple exercise you can do that will ensure you always have content for your podcast. Episodes 16 thru 20 lay ahead. Consume!

Episode 16: Who Should You Choose to Host Your Podcast?

If you are starting a personal brand podcast, it’s obvious who will host your show: You.

However, if you are part of an organization that has multiple people who could fill that seat, it’s important to find the right qualities in your podcast host so they represent your brand to the best of their ability.

In Episode 16 of Pod Theory, I’m going to share some things you should be on the lookout for as you determine what personalities to feature on your brand podcast. If you’ve already determined that you yourself is going to host, these steps will help you find kick-ass co-hosts that will help bring your show to life.

Episode 17: Why Podcast Reviews Are So Damn Important

We live in a world where reviews are everywhere. Seemingly every platform we use has some sort of review component built into it. And while reviews can provide an up close and personal look at a user’s experience with a product or service, they only provide one point of view.

Are reviews important to podcasts? Yes. But do they tell the whole story? No.

On Episode 16 of Pod Theory, I’m going to share why I feel reviews are important to your show, but they’re just one of five elements that can grab a new listener and get them hooked on your show. If you focus on the first four of these elements, the good reviews will follow…and your podcast will grow and evolve.

Episode 18: How to Determine If a Podcast Fits Your Brand

You may be wondering if a podcast is the right content medium to choose for spreading your brand message. In most cases, it is. The key is determining the right way to build and cultivate your content so it resonates with your audience and helps your efforts take off.

In Episode 18 of Pod Theory, I’m going to walk you through the process of determining whether a podcast fits your brand and will deliver the results you need from a content strategy. I share ways you can answer this question and what you should consider as you make this big decision.

Episode 19: 5 Actions You Should Take Immediately After Your New Podcast Episode Goes Live

When your latest podcast becomes available, your job is to spread the word and get as many people listening and sharing your content. Even if you have thousands of subscribers who receive a notification when new shows go live, leveraging your social networks and email lists give you more opportunities to put your podcast in more people’s ears.

In Episode 19 of Pod Theory, I’m going to drop five actions you should immediately take when your podcast goes live. Well…the 5th action may not be immediate…but it’s still something you’ll want to utilize!

Episode 20: A Simple Exercise For Coming Up With Fresh Content Ideas

New content ideas are the lifeblood of your podcast. Without fresh ideas to expand upon for upcoming shows, the results of your podcast will suffer and your publication consistency will take a drastic hit. Once your audience cannot rely on your episodes coming out when expected, they’ll turn their attention to someone else’s podcast.

On Episode 20 of Pod Theory, I’m going to share an insanely simple, no-brainer exercise that will ensure your content idea list never goes empty.

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