This Week On Pod Theory | Episodes 31-35

This Week On Pod Theory, we explore whether you should be concerned with the length of your podcast episodes, if podcasting has become more efficient than email, seven items that all brand podcasts need to succeed, when it make sense to outsource your podcasting initiatives, and some fun ways to promote your podcast. Here are Episodes 31 thru 35 of Pod Theory…in all their glory! Listen here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app.

Episode 31: Should You Be Concerned About Your Podcast Episode Length?

In today’s on-demand world, there are countless mediums pulling at our attention spans. Podcasts, videos, television, social media platforms, radio (both terrestrial and satellite)…there’s so much out there to consume and only so many hours in the day to consume it.

When it comes to your podcast episode length, it’s important to focus more on the quality of your content and not so much on how long the episode ends up being. Your audience will appreciate engaging material on your show versus you hitting some arbitrary time mark. This way, they’ll have time to take in more content. And if you play your cards right, that content could be yours!

On Episode 31 of Pod Theory, I’m going to share my thoughts on podcast episode length and why I feel your attention should be spent on delivering quality, engaging content and not trying to stretch 30 minutes into 45. Quality and consistency is what will make your audience grow. And your episode length? Let the chips fall as they may. No one’s going to grade you on your episode being too short when it’s jam-packed with useful, memorable information from start to finish.

Episode 32: Is a Podcast More Effective Than Email?

As podcasting’s popularity and usefulness continues to escalate, more brands are pivoting to this platform as their primary content strategy and putting it ahead of other time-tested initiatives. In that list of said initiatives is email newsletters. This has long been a popular method of connecting with customers over the years. But does it hold the power it once did?

Email marketing still has value…if it’s done correctly. Clear, concise newsletters with imagery and incentives for readers to open them still deliver results for brands of all shapes and sizes. But newsletters with extensive word counts that don’t consider people’s on-the-go schedules tend to get ignored, deleted, and unsubscribed from.

So, the question must be asked: Is a podcast for your brand more effective than email marketing?

In Episode 32 of Pod Theory, I’m going to tackle this subject and share some reasons why podcasting has more impact than an email newsletter. Additionally, I’m going to share how you can utilize BOTH of these mediums to enhance your brand message and grow all of your platforms cohesively.

Episode 33: 7 Things All Brand Podcasts Need to Succeed

Launching a podcast for your brand puts you in a great position to establish authority, provide solutions to your listener’s problems, and communicate with your audience in a fun, innovative way. Plus, with brands just now starting to get into podcasting, establishing your show in the podcast space today puts you ahead of the curve and will set you up for long-term success when more companies eventually hop on the bandwagon.

When building your podcast, it’s imperative that you look at all aspects of your show and determine the best way to craft your content. Your podcast should be built in your mold, so you can grow it to succeed in your vision.

That said, there are several intangibles that ALL podcasts need. In Episode 33 of Pod Theory, I’m going to break down seven of those intangibles, as well as go into detail of why each is important to the growth and evolution of your podcast over time.

Episode 34: When Does It Make Sense to Outsource Your Podcasting Initiatives?

Podcasting is a very worthwhile endeavor. With so many ears now affixed on this medium, spreading your brand message to a wide fan base has become an integral part of content strategies for organizations large and small.

That said, running a successful podcast is hard work. It requires dedication, planning, and discipline to produce new episodes on a consistent schedule. Like anything else, the gains you earn from your podcast will be a direct result of the work you put in. But many podcasts fail because those behind it simply don’t know the workload that comes with it. Or…they’re too proud to ask for assistance.

If you’ve committed to building a successful podcast, but need some help with certain aspects to ensure it takes off, this episode is for you. In Episode 34 of Pod Theory, I’m going to provide some thoughts on when it makes sense for you to outsource your podcast initiatives. From production to marketing to promotion, there are ways to help you maximize your time and get the most from your podcast. Today’s session will provide some clarity for your efforts.

Episode 35: 3 Effective Promotional Ideas That Will Grow Your Podcast

Promoting your podcast is something you’ll be doing for the life of your show. Even if you grow an audience of hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of people downloading each episode you produce, you don’t want to slow down your promotional train. You want your podcast to become a household name. And what do all household names do to earn that moniker? Advertise, advertise, advertise.

To keep your promotional strategy fun and creative, it’s important to think outside the box and do some things that will help your podcast stand out. You have plenty of platforms at your disposal to show the world what you have to offer. But it never hurts to go beyond the standard initiatives and do something that helps your podcast pop.

In Episode 35 of Pod Theory, I’m going to share three time-tested, effective, go-to promotional ideas that you can implement IMMEDIATELY to help your podcast grow. These ideas aren’t brand new, but they’ve been used by brands for years to spread their message. If you implement them correctly, they’ll add a whole new layer of excellence to your podcast!

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