This Week On Pod Theory | Episodes 11-15

This Week On Pod Theory, we look at some podcasting hardware and software recommendations, how many episodes you should record before taking your show live, why developing a solid launch strategy is a key component to your podcasting success, why Buzzsprout is a great choice for hosting your podcast, and how you can monetize your podcast by becoming an affiliate on Buzzsprout.

Episode 11: Recommendations For Podcast Recording Equipment and Editing Software

Getting the right equipment for your podcast does not have to break the bank. In fact, there are several options at your disposal that are quite affordable and will allow you to produce studio-quality recordings for all of your episodes.

Same goes for editing software. You don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars to get a program that works.

In Episode 15 of Pod Theory, Jason Cercone provides some recommendations on recording equipment and editing software. Whether you’re just getting started and need some direction on what to use or are looking to upgrade your current equipment and editor, this quick episode provides useful insight to help you on your plight.

NOTE: In this episode, I mention the Zoom H6 Handy Recorder not helping with long distance podcasting (or podcasts being recorded with Zoom, Skype, etc). This is not the case. If you have an H6 Handy Recorder, you can use it as your audio interface on your computer. The sound is phenomenal. I learned this after I recorded this episode. THE LESSON: Never stop learning new things.

Episode 12: How Many Podcast Episodes Should You Record Before Launching Your Show?

Having a bank of episodes you can pull from when you need to release a new show is one of the best resources you can have. As I’ve mentioned on Pod Theory before, many podcasts fail because publishers don’t have a plan in place. And a big part of that plan is batching content so you have a cushion when other priorities interrupt your podcasting schedule.

Batching content and having multiple episodes ready to deploy gives you flexibility and will help you remain consistent with new content releases.

On Episode 12 of Pod Theory, I’m going to share the importance of batching and give you an idea of how many episodes you should have completed and ready to release before you decide to officially launch your podcast.

Episode 13: Why You Need a Launch Strategy For the Debut of Your Podcast

Your podcast going live is a big deal! You need to celebrate that by going crazy with content releases when your show makes its world premiere.

Instead of just releasing one episode to lift the curtain on your show, it’s better to release multiple episodes in order get listeners hooked on your podcast from their first listen, as well as give them a well-rounded view of what your show is all about AND set yourself up with more opportunities to get ratings and reviews.

Launching your podcast is huge and, in Episode 13, I’m going to tell you why – along with explaining the importance of having a solid launch strategy and executing said strategy to ensure your podcast comes to life in grand fashion. There’s multiple reasons why this is important, and we’ll get into those reasons today.

Episode 14: 6 Reasons You Should Choose Buzzsprout For Hosting Your Podcast

There are several services you can choose to host your podcast, but my recommendations go to Buzzsprout. I’ve been using them since I started podcasting in 2015 and everything from their interface to their helpful audio, video, and written content has only gotten better as the years have went on.

In Episode 14 of Pod Theory, I’m going to provide you with six solid reasons why you, too, should choose Buzzsprout for hosting your podcast.

Episode 15: How to Become a Buzzsprout Affiliate and Monetize Your Podcast

No matter how long your podcast has been live or big your audience has become, setting your show up to generate revenue is never a bad thing.

If you are looking for a way to earn some money via your podcast efforts, becoming an affiliate through Buzzsprout is a great way to get started. In Episode 15 of Pod Theory, I’m going to show you how easy it is to earn affiliate status with Buzzsprout and start earning money the second your podcast goes live!

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