How to Effectively Shift Your Mind From Problems to Solutions

This episode features Dr. Tanya Kindel, Founder of Belief To Body, for an in-depth conversation about making necessary internal shifts to improve your overall mental health and well-being (aspects necessary for running a better brand and living a better life).

Table of Contents

Connect With Dr. Tanya Kindel
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How to Shift From Survival Mode to Thriving Mode
Why All Major Changes Have to Happen Internally First

3 Big Takeaways From This Episode

  1. Any major change in your life has to be internal. There is not external solution to an internal problem

  2. As humans, we are hard-wired for survival. So much so, we often let survival ideals overtake our thinking and prevent us from finding ways to thrive

  3. The biggest thing people want is freedom from the worry. They don’t want to be wrapped up in the lack in their life and seek freedom from the consumption of negative thoughts of what overwhelms them – debt, being overweight, bad relationships, etc.

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In Season 1 Episode 4 of Let’s Blow This Up, Dr. Tanya Kindel shares her approach to shifting your mindset towards putting emphasis on solutions instead of staying fixated on problems.

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How to Shift From Survival Mode to Thriving Mode

Whether you’re entrenched in getting a new brand off the ground, keeping an existing brand churning, or making strides towards your next big business milestone, you’ve undoubtedly felt that pang of self-doubt that makes you question everything you’re doing. Sometimes, it seems like every action is done strictly for survival…with little attention spent on what can be done to make you thrive.

This, of course, doesn’t just apply to business. This mindset is applicable to all aspects of life and it’s more than likely been something that’s weighed on you at some point in your existence.

As humans, we’re wired to fight for survival. So much so, it’s typically what drives our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

According to Dr. Tanya Kindel, there are many elements in play that lead us to deviate to survival instead of putting our attention on thriving. Aspects such as our upbringing, genetics, and attaching survival ideals to our overall identity (i.e., working too many hours in a day) can be major strain on our mindset, thus triggering overwhelming feelings of self-doubt and helplessness.

Sometimes, we get so stuck in our ways, it’s feels like making a change in our lives is 100% impossible.

But as Tanya and I discuss in throughout this episode, no matter how hard it may be, you need to accentuate the positives in EVERY situation, regardless of how bad things may seem. If you’re willing to look deep enough, you can find positive in everything.

It’s the only way you can make real, tangible change.

Why All Major Changes Have to Happen Internally First

Change can’t happen by acquiring money, cars, a house, fame, etc. Those are all external changes that can enter your life and, while they may all be great, they do nothing to solve the real problems inside yourself.

There are plenty of people in this world who’ve accumulated massive amounts of wealth. But you pull back the curtain and pure chaos is revealed. Relationships are a mess. Perhaps their health is failing.

Real change starts within. When you address the issues that are preventing you from achieving the goals you seek, positive strides forward can take place.

Tanya revealed a very powerful discovery during our conversation in this episode: what she’s learned over her years working with clients and patients, the biggest thing people want is freedom from the worry.

People don’t want to think about what the lack in their life – debt, being overweight/unhealthy, bad relationships. In reality, what they really want is freedom from the consumption of thinking about all the things plaguing them…all the time!

Sure, getting something external can give you a small element of the freedom you seek, but it’s only temporary…a quick dopamine hit that will wear off before you know it.

Shifting your mindset from survival to thriving isn’t something that happens overnight. You need to take small steps towards making these changes in your thinking and, at the same time, understand it’s difficult to do it alone.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the issues that prevent you from living the life you desire, be sure to reach out to Dr. Tanya Kindel and discover how she can help you take the important first step towards turning things around.

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