Ironclad Ways to Grow Your Brand Efficiently & Strategically

This episode features Cassie Brkich, the Founder of Brkich Design Group, for an in-depth conversation about the world of graphic design, as well as how to grow your brand efficiently, strategically, and methodically.

Table of Contents

Connect With Cassie Brkich
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The Keys to Efficient & Strategic Brand Growth
Why is Branding More Than Just Your Logo?
Why You Can’t Overlook Video In 2024 and Beyond
Solid Tips For Breaking Out of a Creative Rut

3 Big Takeaways From This Episode

  1. Trying to grow fast may seem like the right course of action, but there are a lot of things that can unravel if you’re not ready to scale effectively. Growing for the sake of growing is never the right answer.

  2. Branding is what people think of you already. It’s not just a logo – it’s your messaging, imagery, physical creative, and other aspects that brings you front of mind when people think about your or other brands in your space.

  3. We live in a world where it’s highly likely you’re reading this message on a smartphone that has a built-in camera you can use whenever you wish. In other words, the excuses to not utilize video (even if it makes you uncomfortable) are getting thinner and thinner. If shooting a video makes you uncomfortable, use your phone to practice without posting for public consumption.

Connect With Cassie Brkich

Website: brkichdesign.com
Instagram: @brkichdesign



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In Season 1 Episode 6 of Let’s Blow This Up, Cassie Brkich, Founder of Brkich Design Group, shares her insights on growing your brand strategically, as well as ideas on how to operate and communicate more creatively.

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The Keys to Efficient & Strategic Brand Growth

It may seem tempting to grow your brand as fast as possible, right? After all, the faster you scale, the sooner you can start reaping all those rewards you see others posting on Instagram.

But the reality is, if you try to grow too quickly or, more importantly, before you’re ready for it, things can unravel rather quickly.

For example, if you try to hire a full team of employees before you have revenue flowing, you could go bankrupt before you even get out of the gates.

Or you acquire a ton of new clients when you can’t physically handle the workload. Now you’re working ’round the clock and producing mediocre results because you’re spread so thin. That’s not going to lead to many happy Google reviews.

This episode features Cassie Brkich, the Founder of Brkich Design Group, and, as you’ll learn, before she added ‘Group’ to her business name to include the great team she’s assembled, she started as a one-woman show and grew her brand intentionally…and at a pace that allowed good things to happen along the path to success.

Here are some tips Cassie recommends for growing your brand strategically:

  • Start small and only do what you can manage. Don’t try to shoot the moon on your first day of business

  • Hire people to help you grow when it makes sense, not because someone said you have to

  • Hire people better than you so you can put your focus on growth while those hires manage your day-to-day operations

  • Have a community, bet it small or large, you can turn to for support. This will bring tremendous value to your growth efforts and give you allies in your quest

Branding is what people think of you already. It’s the imagery, messaging, logo, and physical creative your brand has in play that people think of when you cross their mind.

Often times, branding gets lumped into being about your logo, but it runs much deeper.

Good branding gives you options for aligned spinoffs, content, permutations, and more…all of which tie together to tell your story and attract the right customers.

Good branding also helps customers get more invested in your business, as well as yourself.

On the other hand, unaligned branding means you constantly have to describe who you are and what you do to people. This stretches beyond the logo, too.

Why You Can’t Overlook Video In 2024 and Beyond

It’s 2024 as I bring this episode this podcast and subsequent blog post your way. Video is all the rage and, quite frankly, I believe we take for granted how easy it is to communicate via video, whether it’s direct through email or through posts on our website and social media that reach members of our audience.

One of the big reasons you may be avoiding video at this stage of the game is because you don’t feel comfortable. Just like anything, you have to start. You have to put in the practice swings in order to hit the ball 300 yards down the fairway.

The more comfortable you get, the easier it gets.

Plus, don’t take for granted you have a camera in your hand right now where you can practice and create content your audience craves!

Solid Tips For Breaking Out of a Creative Rut

Have you hit a wall creatively? Here’s some tips to get back on track:

  • Get out of the house, do something different, try new things, meet new people

  • Go to the gym, go for a walk, get some fresh air 

  • Take a hike, go see a new view

  • Take a “disconnection” day – no work, no email, completely disconnect from your business and go do something you love

These ideas don’t exactly split any atoms, but they’re effective and they work.

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