Spark Your Brand With Passion and Resolve with Janice Lintz | Evolution of Brand EP064

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The Goods From Janice Lintz

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • When building a brand or fighting for a cause, a lot of negativity may come your way. It’s up to you to believe in your purpose so strongly, it continues to push you forward
  • When you experience something successful in the evolution of your brand, create a paper trail so credit leads back to you. This can prevent others from ripping off your ideas and presenting them to the world as their own
  • Take time to celebrate the small victories and give credit to others when and where it’s due

Show Notes

1:28 – A time in Janice’s life when she listened to herself instead of what others told her was right and it led to a major accomplishment

2:10 – How Janice brought the induction loop for hearing access to the United States after experiencing the technology in London

3:55 – Where did Janice’s professional journey begin and what are some of the experiences that have led to the work she does in the hearing access space today?

6:16 – Where are the standards of what Janice is building in the hearing access space falling short in the eyes of doubters, thus leading to negative and ignorant feedback?
     – Many accomplished individuals wear hearing aids, but aren’t on the forefront fighting for improved access for those suffering from the disability
     – This leads to the issues not being taken as seriously as they should be

12:05 – Why are some of the prominent names that suffer from hearing loss not leading the charge to improve hearing access?

16:42 – The normalization of mental health and how that type of movement creates a ripple effect that impacts other causes that deserve more mainstream attention
     – Janice feels this type of attention is within reach for the hearing access space, despite still experiencing ignorant feedback for some of her efforts
     – The wheels of progress move slowly, whether it’s building a brand or fighting for a cause

18:36 – What has Janice accomplished by turning hearing loss and hearing access into a brand?
      – By branding hearing loss, Janice has been able to disrupt the space and de-stigmatize some of the negativity surrounding it
      – Seeing the ear symbols and logos in more places creates more of a sense of normalcy, raised awareness, and availability

21:13 – What is one major, specific problem that Janice has solved in the evolution of her brand that’s added value to her community?

25:11 – How has Janice built the hearing access brand for free?
     – When Janice got started, promoting hearing access was nearly impossible because she did not have an advertising or PR budget
     – Cleaning up the access symbols had the dual benefit of promoting hearing access
     – EXAMPLE: Martha Stewart had K-Mart promote her catalog brands. In doing so, they cross-promoted her TV show, catalog, and magazine – creating an immeasurable amount of free exposure

28:09 – How to emulate ideas and inspiration from those who’ve been successful before you WITHOUT carbon copying, ripping off, and plagiarizing those creations
     – Seek and gain inspiration, then add your own personal spin 
     – “Honor those who inspire you.” — Janice
     – Ripping someone off and not being authentic to who you are will eventually get you exposed

33:10 – A great way to prevent someone ripping off or plagiarizing your work
     – When you experience a success, create a paper trail so the credit leads back to you. Articles, podcasts, in the press, etc

36:16 – As technology continues to evolve and get smarter, how will those advancements help hearing loss and hearing access?

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