The Clarity With Which Your Brand Speaks Shapes Its Impact with Rich Kozak | Evolution of Brand EP130

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Episode 130 Quick Summary

In Episode 130 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with author and branding powerhouse Rich Kozak for an in-depth conversation about the value of building an impact brand. Throughout this discussion, you’ll discover why branding is misunderstood in today’s business world, why language and messaging needs to play such a vital role in your branding efforts, what it means to build an impact brand, and the basic fundamentals you need to know when it comes to defining and building your brand.

The Goods From Rich Kozak

  • Email Rich directly and ask him for his branding blueprint |  rich@richbrands.org
  • Check out Rich’s powerful branding videos today! | Click here

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • “The clarity with which your brand speaks shapes its impact.” — Rich Kozak | In other words, your messaging needs to be clear and concise if you expect to connect with the right customers
  • Marketing is execution. Branding is definition, purpose, and strategy. Marketing is the execution of an excellent branding strategy
  • Your marketing hooks and all of your messaging needs to speak to the problem your ideal customer is trying to solve. They don’t care about you…they care about themselves! And if you can build trust and show them you’re the resource that can help them solve their problem, that’s how your brand will grow

What You’ll Discover In Episode 130 of Evolution of Brand

  • The many experiences that have forged Rich’s successful path
  • What is impact-driven branding?
  • Why does branding need to come first and why is it sometimes misunderstood?
  • One of the best differentiators between branding and marketing that’s ever been shared on EoB
  • Why you cannot fall prey to “shiny object syndrome” especially when you’re messaging isn’t clear and defined
  • What Rich means by “the clarity with which your brand speaks shapes its impact”
  • The best way to establish clarity in your branding message
  • How to get beyond talking about yourself and, instead, talking about your ideal customer through your brand
  • A guided tour of all of Rich’s books
  • Some of the changes (and the consistencies) Rich has seen in the branding world over 40+ years of experience
  • What you need to bait your marketing hooks with
  • The power of authenticity in your branding message

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