It’s Time To Unf*ck Your Thinking with Wylie McGraw | Evolution of Brand EP001

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The Goods From Wylie McGraw

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Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • In order to truly evolve, you need to tap into your core philosophies and operate from a space of complete optimization and ambiguity
  • Unf*cking your thinking begins with you. If you are teaching and leading others, it’s important to get your house in order so you can do so from the best possible position
  • If you have great responsibility in your life, it’s your responsibility to be the most optimized version of you

Show Notes

1:46 – A moment when Wylie listened to himself instead of what others told him was right and it led to a major accomplishment

3:34 – The stress of growing up as a star athlete and overcoming being part of a family with rigid mindsets
     – What it takes to truly evolve and discover who you really at the core
     – Understanding yourself from uncomfortable positions
     – Staying calm in the hardest of situations and how you can grow from those experiences
     – Combat situations helping identify blind spots in leadership

6:24 – The power and importance of self-mastery
     – Why are we so obsessed with needing to know how something is broken down or how things will turn out in order to feel comfortable making a move?
     – When you can face unresolved stresses and demons head on, your level of performance will accelerate in ways you never thought possible
     – Step into the unknown confidently! Trust the ambiguity of life

9:29 – Where does the fear to face those demons and battle those stresses originate?
     – Fear originates from the innate programming of our psyche
     – Our psyche is designed to protect us from things that feel like a threat
     – We emulate people who SHOULD NOT be emulated!

14:14 – If you want to be at the top of your game…..

15:55 – Coaching vs. Optimizing
     – There is so much more power and potential that you haven’t accessed because you haven’t been fully optimized
     – How the “copy method” makes you believe you’re growing and transforming, but it’s actually keeping you in the same loop and negatively impacting your growth

21:10 – “‘Let me show you how to have the best life and show you what it’s like to be successful like me,’ but when you pull the curtain back, their life is in complete chaos”
     – This is not optimized leadership!

22:47 – “Those who risk, win.”
     – Tactical risk – be willing to be comfortable in the unknown and be the leader who has fearless decision-making
     – Why the mindset of “your mess is your message” is a simply not good

26:04 – What social media has done to the world
     – Everyone has a voice and a platform…but is that always a good thing?
     – Is what you or anyone else saying grounded in truth?
     – Finding value in discomfort and stressful situations

30:04 – Who are you at the core? Do you know who you are or are you basing your beliefs on who you think you are?

31:16 – What we create as a brand is a way for us to identify who we work with and how we work with them. But…
     – Don’t get absorbed into your brand to a point that you can’t separate yourself from it
     – Thinking “you are your brand” is a limitation
     – Your brand represents who you are, what you do, and how you show up in the world; it is not a model of your being. And when you can utilize that effectively, you can create from a different place and your results are more sustainable and exponential

32:26 – How to combat imposter syndrome
     – Leadership is the key
     – Imposter syndrome comes to the surface when you authentically care; “does what I do have actual value to people?” – If no one is jumping at your offer immediately, it starts to mess with your thinking and you begin to sacrifice the value of your offer
     – You cannot eradicate imposter syndrome until you fully trust in the value you provide!
     – People experiencing imposter syndrome are ones who care, but are still working through the value they provide

40:09 – It’s not about the ‘how.’ It’s about the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ that matters! The ‘how’ always presents itself when you align yourself with the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ first.

41:59 – Have we completely disregarded the sacred gift that is our intuitive mind?

43:34 – Coping with stress and burnout
     – Stress can stem from experiences with trauma, abuse, and addiction and it was never eradicated
     – Stress and burnout impacts your potential, your ability to focus, and hinders what you are truly capable of accomplishing
     – Confronting burnout can be difficult because we all have a rigid part of ourselves that we struggle to eliminate. But when you become too rigid, you break
     – Not managing stress appropriately makes you more susceptible to burnout

48:38“An unresolved leader distorts the world; an optimized leader transforms it.”
People are scared of real transformation!

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