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I am not just another podcast booking agency. I offer innovative podcast guesting strategy, training, and support for value-driven coaches and consultants who want to establish authority in their space, elevate their thought leadership, and take their brand from unknown to undeniable!

My approach is holistic and goes beyond just getting you booked for interviews on various podcasts. I’m the only podcast guest strategist who helps you build AND execute a complete, top-to-bottom blueprint to maximize your time on the podcast space and bring you the best return on your investment.

This is about more than just being a podcast guest. This is about helping you leave your mark on the world.

Are you ready to take your brand from unknown to undeniable? 

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“I told you people I didn’t want any presents. Just a few kind words.” — Tony Soprano


“Jason has been great to work with! He handles everything from start to finish. I never thought I could be a featured guest on podcasts, but it has been really fun (and easy) with his help. If you’re looking to expand your brand in this trendy medium, you need Jason on your team!” — Heather Cherry – Founder of Heather Cherry Consulting, Author of Market Your A$$ Off

“Jason has been a pleasure to work with. He makes podcasting fun, easy, and effective. I couldn’t imagine doing a podcast without his guidance. I highly recommend Jason Cercone for all things podcast consulting!” — Sara Makin – Founder & CEO of Makin Wellness, Host of Stuff My Therapist Says

“Working with Jason was AWESOME! I’ve never had the experience of working with a podcast professional who was so organized, professional, and forward thinking. Making sure I was set up for success as a speaker and providing 5-star support during recording made for a great podcast interview and experience all around. Jason knows what he’s doing and it shows!” — Rachel Sheerin – Motivational Keynote Speaker, Sales Trainer

“Jason is one of the most dedicated and hardworking business professionals I know. Over the years, he has done great things promoting the Caliente brand and I really enjoy working with him. He also played a big role with the growth and development of my podcast, The Business Equation, and helped me build my skill set as a podcaster. I highly recommend working with Jason.” — Nick Bogacz – Owner of Caliente Pizza & Draft House, Past Host of The Business Equation Podcast and The Real Slice Podcast

“Jason is what I would call a Platinum Podcast Guest. He put together a great idea for a collaborative interview, showed up on time, had great technology, and didn’t leave anything on the table. If you’re looking for a guest who will truly bring value to your audience, this is the guy. I typically say no to 95% of the pitches I get for guests. But Jason’s preparation and pitch blew my mind! It was a no-brainer addition to my content.” — Travis Brown, Founder of Social Boom, Content Creation Coach, Side Hustle King

“It was an absolute thrill to have Jason on my podcast. Not only is he knowledgeable about podcasts, but he easily goes with the flow of the conversation. It was like sitting around a table talking with a good friend. He has a great sense of humor and our conversation offers much for everyone who listens to it.”Kimberly Hambrick, host of The Cannoli Coach Podcast

“It was a blast having Jason on my show. As a fellow podcaster, he knows just how to approach a conversation to keep it fresh and interesting. Jason’s wide-ranging business knowledge really came through in our discussion. He’s a true professional.” — Darin Vilano, host of The Proprietors of Pittsburgh Podcast

“Jason was a great guest! His personable disposition made it very easy to have a strong conversation and I know that compatibility can be felt by my listeners. Jason has a wealth of knowledge about branding, increasing brand awareness with podcasting, and authenticity. He’s helped me tremendously with my show. It’s definitely worth your time to feature Jason on your next podcast episode!” — Sara Makin, host of Stuff My Therapist Says