The Critical Role Automation Plays In Brand Experience with Michelle Nedelec | Evolution of Brand EP123

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Episode 123 Quick Summary

In Episode 123 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with automation and podcasting extraordinaire Michelle Nedelec for an in-depth conversation focused on business automation. Throughout this episode, you’ll discover the ways automation can help your business…as well as hurt it if you don’t use it properly, the types of businesses that should NEVER use automation in their operations, how automation plays a critical role in the overall experience customers have with your brand, and the ways Michelle has leveraged podcasting to enhance her brand.

The Goods From Michelle Nedelec

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Automation can help a customer find information and receive a genuine brand experience even in periods where you’re offline. They may be doing late-night searches and discover your website, and having certain functions set up to run automatically will allow them to get the answers they seek without actual human assistance
  • Despite the convenience automation can provide, you don’t want to lean too far towards automating everything and removing the human experience. This can create disconnection between your brand and your customer, leaving them feeling unappreciated and undervalued when they want to take the next step towards patronizing you
  • If you want to utilize automation in your business operations, be sure your brand can support it and it doesn’t come at the expense of losing customers because of it

What You’ll Discover In Episode 123 of Evolution of Brand

  • Michelle explains why her brand stands out from other digital marketing firms in her space
  • The big differences between marketing automation and business automation
  • Have some companies, big and small, taken automation too far?
  • The advantages of co-mingling human experience and automation in your brand
  • How customers have conditioned themselves to walk away from experiences where they aren’t being heard
  • A look at the age-old adage of we all love to buy, but we hate to be sold to
  • Are there instances when you don’t want to automate your business?
  • How small businesses can best implement automation practices
  • Does it make more sense to automate or hire a VA?
  • Why it’s important to understand who can do specific jobs and not overload someone with work they can’t handle
  • Why you can’t get complacent and let a mindset of “autopilot” kick in once automation is in place
  • How Michelle has leveraged podcasting to grow her brand

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