How to Tell Your Brand Story Like a Damn Pro with Shannon Peel | Evolution of Brand EP095

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The Goods From Shannon Peel

  • Connect with Shannon and learn more about effective brand storytelling | marketapeel.com

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • The true benefits of a major project, whether it’s solely yours or one where you collaborated and contributed your expertise, cannot be measured in the early stages. It takes time for the message to spread and for the project itself to the serve you to the point that it reaches a larger audience, thus opening up new doors of opportunity to you and your brand
  • In order to effectively build your brand story, you need to know yourself and know yourself well, as well as what keywords you want to be known for 
  • Understand who the hero of the story is. In personal branding, YOU are the hero. But when you’re telling your brand story, your customer/audience is the hero

What You’ll Learn In Episode 095 of Evolution of Brand

  • What inspired Shannon to do 100 Podcasts in 100 Days and what kept her committed to getting it done
  • Why you need to be focused on your audience experience no matter what type of content you’re creating for your brand
  • Why it’s important to share collaborations (podcast interviews, featured posts on other blogs) with your audience
  • The value of learning specific skills before hiring a team or outsourcing
  • When assembling a team or hiring a freelancer, why it’s critical they know your brand story, your tone, and your goals and expectations
  • How to build upon or establish your brand story
  • The best ways to tell your story and keep your audience engaged
  • Who should you treat as the hero as you tell your brand story?
  • The best platforms to be part of to effectively tell your story

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