How to Put Missed Appointments and No-Shows Behind You with Jonathan Zacks | Evolution of Brand EP124

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Episode 124 Quick Summary

In Episode 124 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with Jonathan Zacks, the co-founder of GoReminders, a service that helps businesses communicate with their customers so they don’t miss appointments, sales calls, and other major events. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover why the communication piece is so vital to building customer loyalty, reasons so many people miss appointments and what you can do on your end to ensure it happens less, the concept of “ghosting” and why some choose to do that instead of being up front and direct, and where the world of digital scheduling is headed in the future.

The Goods From Jonathan Zacks

  • Check out GoReminders and take the free trial | Click here
  • Get access to Jonathan’s free Appointment Show-Up Maximizer Guide | Click here
  • Connect with Jonathan on LinkedIn and Instagram

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Sometimes our day-to-day lives can get hectic and appointments can slip through the cracks. In an effort to strengthen communication and help people keep their appointments with you organized, a service like GoReminders that provides timely prompts to keep things on track can be a great help AND stimulate strong customer loyalty and retention
  • Many people choose to “ghost” others, in personal and professional settings. It’s much better form to handle your communication directly and, instead of no-showing for an appointment, cancel and give a reason
  • Utilizing scheduling tools properly in a way that gives your customer ample time to plan will lead to much better show rates. For example, if your first reminder communication is only one hour before their appointment, it gives the customer a potential out to cancel on the spot. But if you properly communicate with ample time in advance, it helps them plan for the appointment more accordingly

What You’ll Discover In Episode 124 of Evolution of Brand

  • A look at Jonathan’s professional path and the inspiration behind GoReminders
  • How GoReminders helps people keep calendars straight and why this type of service is so important
  • The competition that GoReminders is facing in the scheduling marketplace and what they’re doing to stand out
  • How active communication sparks strong customer loyalty
  • Reasons why so many people struggle with managing their schedules and appointments
  • How GoReminders provides a succession of message sequences to connect with customers so the likelihood of appointments being cancelled or missed declines
  • Why people choose to “ghost” and vanish with no response instead of following through with an appointment or providing a reason why they don’t want to move forward
  • How time blocking can help with eliminating ghosting AND keeping appointments
  • Powerful SEO tips Jonathan has used to grow his brand that you can implement, too
  • What’s next for scheduling software and making it easier for customers to remember important appointments?

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