My Appearance On The Cannoli Coach Podcast w/ Kimberly Hambrick

I recently had the privilege of making a guest appearance on The Cannoli Coach Podcast, hosted by Dr. Kimberly Hambrick. She specializes in business and personal performance management, as well as leadership growth and development and brings her expertise to the world via group coaching sessions, speaking opportunities, trainings, and, of course, her podcast.

One of my favorite aspects of podcasting is its conversational nature. When two (or more) people can connect and have a meaningful back and forth, as if they’re old friends reuniting over a cup of coffee or a pint of beer, real podcast magic typically ensues. These types of conversations are more genuine, more dynamic, more relatable, and, more REAL.

This absolutely happened with Kimberly and I. Right from the start, she challenged me to describe a life-defining moment. Our conversation only got more engrossing from there. We discussed:

  • How I found positives in my unexpected corporate exit back in 2015
  • Why it’s important to let go of negativity and toxic relationships that hold you back
  • How social media has divided us and why we need to use our platforms for good
  • Why I chose to specialize in podcasting
  • How I help brands and professionals maximize the podcasting platform to enhance their visibility and amplify their message.

You should definitely take some time to check out Kimberly’s podcast at kimberlyhambrick.com/podcasts and listen to our conversation below. Enjoy!

Listen to “The Cannoli Coach: Pod Theory w/ Jason Cercone | Episode 124” on Spreaker.

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