POD THEORY: Episode 136 – What Should Your #1 Point of Focus Be With Your Podcast?

We’ve spent Season 2 of Pod Theory debunking myths and misconceptions in the podcast space that could potentially trip you up. Now, it’s time to wrap up the season with a simple questions: What should your #1 point of focus be with your podcast?

More than likely, you’re probably thinking it could be a number of different aspects. And while there are several important factors to keep in play, nothing is more important than providing your audience with that one little word that will keep them coming back for every episode you release, will keep them engaging with you on platforms outside of your podcast, and will keep them recommending your show to others.

In Episode 136 of Pod Theory, Travis Brown and I put a bow on Season 2 by answering the aforementioned question and elaborating on some of the best ways to do it.

Thank you for being part of the entire season! I look forward to reconnecting with you again when Season 3 is ready to rock and roll.

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