POD THEORY: Episode 135 – The Best Way to Grow Your Audience That Most Podcasters Ignore

One of the biggest things podcasters are concerned about is growth. No matter how many listeners you may have, chances are…you want more. And why is that? Mainly because we believe the bigger the audience, the better the chance for monetization. Landing a big sponsor or advertiser is linked to audience size, so it makes sense.

The funny thing is we get so consumed with getting more listeners who haven’t shown up to listen yet that we neglect the ones who already have. It’s crazy…and definitely a subject we could talk about for days on end.

But let’s keep the focus on growth. There are several ways to go about it…and they all point to bringing your listeners to another platform to engage with them. And, in addition to that, there’s a very important approach to growing your audience that many podcasters overlook.

On Episode 135, Travis Brown and I break down a few ways you can grow your audience. Additionally, we cover the big one…the strategy you need to move to the top of your priority list if you want to grow your audience exponentially.

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