This Week On Pod Theory | Episodes 1-5

It’s the world premiere of Pod Theory! To kick off the show, the first five episodes take a look at whether you should even start a podcast, ways you can build your hosting skill set, some reasons podcasting has become such a popular medium, stats that exemplify podcasting’s longevity, and why so many podcasts fail. Episodes 1-5 are below. Enjoy!

Episode 1: Should You Start a Podcast?

Are you truly ready to jump in the deep end of the pool and launch a podcast that will help stimulate the growth of your brand?

The answer should be yes. BUT, if you want your podcast to succeed and not be like one of those shows that flatlines before you even have a chance to subscribe, it’s important to build a solid foundation on which your podcast can grow for years.

In the world premiere installment of Pod Theory, I analyze the question of whether you should start a podcast and what you need to know in order to do so with confidence and purpose.

Episode 2: 7 Ways to Hone Your Podcast Hosting Skills

If this is your first dive into the world of podcasting and you don’t have any experience on the mic, it can feel a little intimidating when you’re just getting started.

But, just like anything else, the more you practice, the more you’ll get comfortable.

In Episode 2 of Pod Theory, I share seven easy-to-implement tips and practices for increasing your comfort level speaking into a microphone and begin shaping your skill set as a podcast host.

5 Reasons Podcasting is So Popular

Podcasting is on absolute fire right now. There’s no better time for your brand to start an engaging podcast that enhances your brand visibility, establishes your authority in your niche, and provides you a fun, innovative platform to spread your message where people are spending a lot of time.

There are a ton of reasons why podcasting has spiked in popularity. In Episode 3 of Pod Theory, I share five reasons why.

Podcast Stats courtesy of musicoomph.com

Episode 4: 2020 Stats That Prove the Podcast Business is Booming

Over a million active podcasts and counting for you to enjoy. More than 30 million podcast episodes right at your fingertips. Content can be found in over 100 languages. Over half the population of the United States is listening to podcasts.

There’s no getting around it: podcasting is on fire. And if you aren’t considering starting a podcast for your brand, you need considering lessons. Now is the time, and Pod Theory is the resource to help you do it right.

In Episode 4 of Pod Theory, I take a look at some statistics compiled by musicoomph.com that showcase how popular podcasting truly is.

As a wise man once said, “numbers don’t lie.” If these statistics don’t get you excited and motivate you to grow a successful podcast, not much else will.

As mentioned in this episode, here are the 2020 Podcasting Stats courtesy of musicoomph.com

Episode 5: Why Do So Many Podcasts Fail?

There are many, many podcasts out there right now that never made it to first base. They may be sitting there with one published episode…or, possibly NO published episodes. Some podcasts come out strong for the first few months, then consistency falls off a cliff and, eventually, new episodes vanish completely.

There are a lot of reasons why podcasts fail to gain any momentum, and on Episode 5 of Pod Theory, I’m going to dive into why and YOU’RE INVITED to hear all about it.

The idea is to not fall into the failure category and take the necessary steps to ensure your podcast succeeds. And that starts with planning. Stop and listen – more details inside.

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